Carpet Cleaning in Hemet: A Case Study

Carpet Cleaning in Hemet: A Case Study

Sometimes a carpet cleaner is also a part-time detective. On a lot of jobs, we'll start by asking the homeowner if they happen to know what caused a particular spot or stain. More often than not we'll end-up receiving a vague answer that doesn't give us the information we need. So the carpet cleaner hat goes off and the detective cap comes on. Red stain in the family room? Probably Kool-Aid. Pink stain in the daughter's bedroom? Good chance it's nail polish. Brown stain in the dining room? Coffee is the likely culprit.

Sometimes it's very obvious what's going on. At this particular carpet cleaning in Hemet, I was greeted at the door by a barking and tail wagging dog and then you walk into a situation where many spots and stains are evident in the carpet. As with the picture shown, I knew there were a variety of biological pet issues in the carpet. I always like to ask though so I can get a more complete picture as to what occurred to the carpet. This allows me to properly assess the condition of the carpet and to formulate a treatment option.

carpet cleaning in hemet before

How did it get so bad?

Pet issues happen for a variety of different reasons. This can include: improperly trained pet, sick or aging animal, territorial markings, or improperly managing the pets' needs. In this case, the homeowner went out of town for a few days and the person that was asked to watch over and take care of the pets did not do their job. The pets were not let out often enough and they were fed the wrong food. In this extreme case the spots included: urine, vomit, and diarrhea.

Can it be fixed?

There are many different treatment options that we can offer when dealing with biological issues. They vary depending on the source of the issue. And while the surface fibers of the carpet can usually be cleaned and made into a sanitary surface, the spot may vary visually. Many things from biological sources can damage and dye the carpet fibers to a point where it will remain visible even after a thorough cleaning.

The size of the pet also plays a role. This is because the volume of urine/ vomit will affect the ability of the carpet fiber to resist staining. In this case each spot had to be thoroughly rinsed out with pet treatments and water. They were then extracted out by a WaterClaw Flash Extractor. This allowed us to flush out as much of the contaminants as possible. Since the pets were rather large however, a good portion of the biological issues soaked down into the padding of the carpet. This did cause many spots to wick up as it dried. There were some other permanent stains cause by furniture legs as well. With smaller pets, the contaminants will often just spread out over the surface of the fibers and are thus easier to extract.

carpet cleaning in hemet after

What can I do?

When your pet has an accident the best thing to do is to first remove as much of the accident as possible. Remove any solids off the spot, and blot up as much of the liquid as possible with towels. If it was a small accident, this may be all you need to do until you have the carpet professionally cleaned. If there is a larger volume of the biological issue you may want to then call us out to fully extract the area. The longer urine, fecal matter, and vomit stay in the carpet the more likely a permanent stain or discoloration will occur.

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