Carpet Cleaning in Newport Beach: Hidden Challenges

I love living in Newport Beach. I'm quite close to the water, so the weather is great. I almost never need air conditioning, and the air is fresh. We have other members of the Zerorez® SoCal family that live in Huntington Beach, Corona Del Mar, and Laguna Beach, and our main Zerorez office in Irvine is only 2 miles from the water. We are a true, beach loving company! However, carpet cleaning in Newport Beach can be difficult. For those of you who also live near the beach know, keeping a house or apartment near the beach cleaned up can present special challenges.

carpet cleaning in newport beach

Family and friends track in all kinds of stuff to soil the carpet. The sand and grit can get in the house and scratch the surface of hardwood as you walk across it.

And area rugsā€¦ oh my goodness, when we clean area rugs, we use special "dusting" process before we actually deep clean them. Would you believe we often get several pounds of fine dirt out of a simple 8' x 10' area rug? You should watch our video on area rug cleaning to see how we do that.

The beach air is refreshing, but the salty breeze can be corrosive. All fabrics, fibers, and hard surfaces and they need special cleaning and maintenance as well.

Fortunately, we are experts at cleaning up homes that are near the ocean. We have years of experience doing just that, and our technicians are all long-term, well-trained cleaning and restoration specialists. They will work with you to determine what problems you might have and will then help you decide the best way to fix the issues.

One of the most popular services we offer is a granite counter top restoration. We will get rid of hard water marks and make the surface feel like glass again.

As I mentioned, we can clean up area rugs, get the fringe looking right again, and get that troublesome pet urine out for good. (Yes, we do have clients who have a problem or two with pet urine in their area rugs or carpet!)

And what about hardwood? We do an amazing job at stripping wax coatings and cleaners from your hardwood and buffing it to a glossy shine. We can make your wood floors look like they are meant to look.

Yes, there is nothing like beach living. The living may be easy, but that doesn't mean your home is maintenance free. Let Zerorez come by and make it shine again so you're proud to have your friends in again.

Give us a call at 866-937-6739 to hear about our special of the month. You can also visit our website at And from one beach lover to another, we send you a warm aloha!


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