Carpet Cleaning in Torrance: Customer Review

Carpet Cleaning in Torrance: Customer Review

Living in Southern California certainly has it's perks. The weather is beautiful and there is no shortage of outdoor activities to participate in. While this is great, it also leads to lots of allergies in SoCal. The Zerorez® SoCal team got a call for a carpet cleaning in Torrance. The client, William, and his wife both suffer from asthma, which can be made worse by the residue left behind by traditional carpet cleaning. This is where the Zerorez SoCal team comes in and provides our green, No Residue® cleaning solution! Check out what William had to say about his service.

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"This is the best carpet cleaning method yet. My wife and I both have asthma and allergies and there is no musty smell or any sticky residue on the carpet and better yet none on our feet as we walk around our house barefoot. I had 2 rooms with 20 year old carpet and it has not looked that good since we bought our house. Thanks you very much and Mark did a great job. We have some other items we need you folks to come back and clean…..will be in touch.
I would be glad to give a reference for you if you like."

William D., Torrance, CA


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