Carpet Cleaning Isn’t The Only Thing You Need A Professional For

Las Vegas is full of "Do it Yourselfers" (DIY). This town was built on that idea. Carpet cleaning in Las Vegas is no exception. There is endless options and youtube videos to choose from. However, somethings are better left up to the professionals.

I learned my Lesson

I'm a do it yourselfer at heart. It is satisfying to see the completed project and take a step back and say, "I did that". Several months back, I decided to build my own firepit in my backyard. It was a nightmare.

After watching a few youtube videos, and a little online research I figured it couldn't be that hard. 3 weeks later, 1500 pounds of concrete, twice the cost of what I was expecting, and a tweaked back I finished. I then swore to myself next time I was hiring someone that knew what they were doing.

Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas

I have spent the past decade learning from some of the best minds in the carpet cleaning industry. Still, all too often I have seen nightmare situations caused by home carpet cleaning devices. I'm talking overwet carpet that took days to dry, re-soiling issues, and color loss for using wrong products to remove spots or stains.

Carpet cleaning is a science. It requires the right knowledge and the right tools to do the job. We invest nearly $80,000 to build one of our vans with the best equipment in the industry. We have also spent years developing an "Zr™ Water" process that allows us to clean carpets without soaps or harsh chemicals. All of this to give your home or business the only "no residue" carpet cleaning in the industry.

The"Do it Yourself" mantra has its place. However, when it comes to periodic deep cleaning maintenance on your surfaces, trust the professionals at Zerorez and see your carpets come to life!

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