Carpet Cleaning Services: Find The Right Vacuum

At Zerorez®, we offer professional carpet cleaning services that will get and keep your carpets looking and feeling great. The first line of defense, however, when it comes to having clean carpets every day is you - well, you and a good vacuum cleaner. If your vacuum cleaner isn't doing its job the right way, you could be leaving dirt and debris on your carpeting that will cause it to not only look grubby but to wear out faster. So how do you go about choosing a new vacuum? Here are some things to think about when it's time to go shopping:

How Often You Vacuum

The frequency of your vacuuming can help to determine the vacuum cleaner you need, especially if you vacuum on a regular basis. For regular, as in every-day, vacuuming lugging around a big, heavy cleaner can be too much to deal with, which is why a more lightweight, stick-type vacuum may be a better option. If you vacuum less often or you vacuum every day and have a lot of wall-to-wall carpeting, a stick vacuum probably won't get the job done. Regardless of how many times you vacuum, be sure to get twice-yearly professional carpet cleaning services in Henderson, NV from us at Zerorez for deep-down cleaning.

How Much Power You Need

The one thing you really need from your vacuum cleaner is suction. Great suction, coupled with cyclonic action that draws dust and particles into the vacuum, provides the most effective cleaning for even the dirtiest carpets. In addition to vacuum cleaner suction, you also have to think about air flow, agitation (the removal of dirt from carpet fibers) and filtration (the level at which dirt is expelled out of the vacuum). To get all of these in the right proportions, you need power. Many manufacturers advertise the number of amps their product uses as proof of power but the more accurate measurement for cleaning power is air watts. If you want a vacuum with a good amount of power, choose one that has over 200 air watts.

Which Style You Prefer

Vacuum cleaner style choices include upright or canister and bagged or bagless. If you choose a bagless model, you won't have to worry about buying bags; you just have to push a button to release dirt into the trash. If you choose a bagged vacuum, all of the dirt you've vacuumed up is contained in the bag, which means it won't be wafting back up to you as you dump it in the trash. For maximum suction and airflow, bagless models trump bagged models as these tend to lose both suction and airflow as the bag fills up. When it comes to choosing upright or canister, upright vacuums have less power than canister vacuums but they are more maneuverable.

Do your homework to find the right vacuum cleaner. When you need to schedule a deep cleaning, call us at Zerorez for our professional carpet cleaning services in Henderson, NV at (702) 567-0016. You can also visit us online at to find out more about all of our cleaning services including upholstery, tile and grout and air duct cleaning.

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