Carpet Cleaning Stains Home Remedies

DIY Solutions for How to Get Rid of Carpet Stains

It's Saturday morning and the family is coming over in a few hours, including all the nieces and nephews, and grandma and grandpa. And Grandma notices everything. The frantic house cleaning before the party has begun, with dusting, doing dishes, wiping down every surface, mopping, and vacuuming. You're running around like a chicken on the loose and in the mayhem, you don't notice the ballpoint pen that's fallen on the living room carpet. You don't even notice when it crunches under your feet as you walk across it and track ink across the whole floor until one of the kids makes a comment about it. Grandma arrives in a couple of hours. What are you going to do?!

Zerorez®would be the best answer when you're trying to answer how to get rid of carpet stains (not just when confronted with ink stains), but when you're in a pinch, here are some tips for getting carpet stains out and even a few Zerorez cleaning carpet stains home remedies.


Removing Ink

Ink can be really tricky to keep from getting deep into the fibers. It's sticky and if you're not careful, it can wind up everywhere before you know it. Instead, try this carpet stains home remedy. When wet ink is on your carpet, use a clean absorbent towel to blot up all the excess ink, getting as much of it up as possible.

When you can't get anymore ink out of the fibers by blotting, place a wet towel on the stain and apply a hot iron, creating a steam effect. The ink should come up from the spot onto the towel as long as the towel remains wet. But be careful to keep the towel wet under the hot iron.


What removes grease from carpet? Say, for example, makeup? Zerorez proprietary products. But, as is true with all spots, time is of the essence and greasy makeup stains should be treated immediately.

To remove makeup from carpets without our Zr™ Water handy, try this carpet stains home remedy: Mix together ¼ teaspoon of a de-greasing translucent dish soap with 1 cup of lukewarm water; or 1 cup of white vinegar to 2 cups of water. Apply some solution to a white cloth, dab onto the spot a few times, and then hold it in place for a few seconds. Rinse the spot by blotting it repeatedly with a very wet white cloth. Let the spot dry completely.

If following these steps works, repeat them until the spot is gone. This technique should also work on grease or oil-based stains like those from butter, salad dressing, and crayon.

Coffee & Tea

Again, the key to keeping a coffee or tea spot from becoming a stain is addressing it right away. This carpet stains home remedy starts by blotting as much of the excess liquid as you can get up with a clean, white cloth. Work from the outside in to keep the liquid from spreading, and don't rub to prevent damage to the fibers or sending the liquid deeper into the fibers.

If blotting doesn't remove the discoloration, our other carpet stains home remedy is to dilute some hydrogen peroxide and try again to blot the spot. If that doesn't get the coffee or tea up, call Zerorez!


This is one spot that you need to act the quickest on. You'll find several solutions to how to remove bleach from carpet online, but unfortunately, none of them work. Bleach is a chemical that will have a chemical reaction with the dye in the fibers of carpet, removing the color from them.

More than any other spot, if you don't act fast to remove the bleach from carpet, you'll risk permanently bleaching the fibers of your carpet. If the bleach has a chance to soak in and the fibers are bleached, the only solution to remove a bleach stain is to use a professional company to cut out the affected section of the carpet and replace it, or to re-dye the carpet.

Nail Polish

Nail polish is a lot like ink in that the smallest amount has the ability to wind up everywhere. For nail polish, you want to combine the steps of dealing with makeup and greasy spots with the steps to follow for ink.

If the nail polish is still wet, make up a solution of degreasing dish soap and warm water and try to remove as much of the wet polish as possible by blotting it with a clean towel, using a clean side of the towel each time. Do not rub! It will only drive the polish deeper into the fibers and might damage them at the same time.

Once you've blotted up as much as you can, soak the towel in the solution and lay it on top of the spot. Then, apply a hot iron on top of the towel, taking care to not let the heat dry out of the towel.

Not for High-End Carpets

All of these cleaning carpet stains home remedies and homemade solutions for addressing carpet stains are intended for synthetic fibers only. Do not attempt to use any of these DIY remedies on high-end silks or oriental carpets. YouTube and any internet solutions are not your friend. You may damage the fibers or render the stains permanent, ruining the carpet or rug.

Will carpet cleaning remove stains on high end carpets? It can when you leave the cleaning to the pros. To properly treat stains on high-end carpets, contact Zerorez. Our patent-pending formula is your best chance of getting carpets clean.

The good news is that most of what winds up on carpeting is water soluble and, as long as it's synthetic fiber carpeting, can be removed if you get to it right away, use the right solution, and blot instead of rub. But you should always trust stains to professionals, like Zerorez.

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