Carpet Cleaning: What’s Wearing Out Your Carpeting

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At Zerorez® carpet cleaning, helping to maintain your carpeting is what we do, which is important because your wall-to-wall carpeting takes a lot of punishment every day. From food spills to pet stains and more, there are many things that happen to your carpet that can make it look unsightly; but there's one important thing that can significantly shorten the lifespan of your carpeting.

⦁ The Real Culprit Is Daily Wear

Spilling red wine or dropping an open bottle of nail polish can mean that you may end up with some permanent discoloration on your carpeting; but the reality is that the real culprit when it comes to carpet wear is the daily grind. Over time, soil deposits and grime buildup within the carpet can lead to the breakdown and deterioration of your carpet fibers, carpet pads and carpet backings. This kind of wear is visible in the form of matted carpet that appears dirty, discolored and dark.

⦁ Where Carpet Wear Happens First

Serious carpet wear is most common in high-traffic areas of your home like hallways or the entryway from one room to another. Carpet wear is also more evident in areas where the flooring changes from hardwood or tile to carpeting, especially in the kitchen to living or dining room area. The grinding movement that feet make when they turn on a carpet puts additional stress on the fibers of carpeting. You'll likely notice this type of carpet wear in rooms where you must immediately turn once you enter to avoid a piece of furniture or a wall.

⦁ Dirt Is Impossible To Avoid

You can't stop dirt from getting into your carpeting. If you or other people wear shoes inside your home or you have a pet, you have dirt in your carpet. Once it's on top of the carpet fibers, foot traffic presses it deeper into the carpet fibers and the carpet pad. This grinding foot motion wears out the fibers and gives your carpet a matted appearance.

⦁ What To Do About Carpet Wear

Though carpet wear is inevitable, you can slow down the process with proper daily care and with professional carpet cleaning in Henderson, NV. Vacuum your carpeting as often as possible, at least 3 times a week. Areas with heavier traffic should be vacuumed once a day, especially if you have pets or children. To reduce the amount of dirt that settles on the surface of your carpeting, ask everyone who enters your home (including workmen) to take off their shoes; and try rearranging your furniture once every couple of years to change the traffic patterns. You can also put down area rugs in high-traffic parts of your home to protect the carpeting underneath.

At Zerorez, we know how to take care of your carpeting. Not only can our patented cleaning technology lessen the appearance of, or completely remove, carpet stains, it can also take care of areas of your carpeting that suffer from daily wear. For the best carpet cleaning in Henderson, NV, call us at Zerorez at (702) 567-0016 to make an appointment for a carpet cleaning consultation; and to find out more about our no-residue cleaning system, visit us online at

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