Carpet Protector: 5 Reasons to Keep it Applied

A trip down memory lane

Indulge me for a minute and take a trip down memory lane. Do you remember the days when your carpet was brand new? Maybe you had new carpet installed or you moved into a home with new carpet. Did you take your shoes off before walking on it? Were you very careful not to spill anything on it? How about when something did spill, would you panic? Applying a carpet protector could change those worries.

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Spills and spots would come right up

However, do you also remember how easy spots and spills would clean-up? It seemed that nothing could stain the carpet. You would just dab it up or use plain water and almost anything blotted right up and out. Those were the days! Have you ever wondered why that was?

Carpet manufacturers apply protector to carpet they make

It happened due to the effectiveness of the factory applied carpet protector. You see, when carpet is made a carpet protector is applied as part of the manufacturing process. It's designed to repel soiling and staining substances. And although these treatments are effective and work very well they are not of a permanent nature.

Time flies and living takes its toll

Before you know it two years have gone by and your carpet has seen a lot of use. Especially in the high-traffic and high-use zones. Day-in and day-out foot traffic, weekly vacuuming and the occasional spot and spill clean-up have now worn some of the carpet protector off. You've probably noticed that spots and spills don't seem to come off the carpet as easy as they used to, especially in those high-traffic areas. You now also notice a distinct traffic lane and realize it's time to call a professional to get your carpets thoroughly cleaned.

You say NO

Your professional cleaner comes in and does a great job. You're pleasantly surprised how well the carpet cleans-up and then he asks if you want to apply carpet protector. You're thinking "the carpet looks like new again, why would I want to apply carpet protector?". So you say NO. And I'm here to tell you that's a mistake.

5 Reasons why re-applying carpet protector is not only a great idea it's a must

  1. It replenishes and improves the soil resistance and stain protection that came in your carpet when it was new.
  2. It enhances "cleanability" making DIY spot and spill clean-up easier.
  3. It protects against soil clinging to your carpet, therefore your carpet will stay cleaner longer.
  4. It will prolong the life and beauty of your carpet, as the protection reduces carpet wear from
    abrasive soling.
  5. Vacuuming will be easier, faster and more efficient.

Lengthen the life span of your carpet
Re-applying carpet protector after each professional cleaning will indeed lengthen the life and beauty of your carpet. I've personally seen it over and over again. Clients who had the foresights to buy a good quality carpet and maintain it by the book (annual professional cleaning and protector application) have carpet that still looks like new after each cleaning.

We use and apply Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector, which is safe for use on all carpet and restores "like-new" protection. It's endorsed and recommended by carpet manufacturers. Non-toxic, fragrance and dye-free and therefore absolutely safe for kids and pets. 866-937-6739 or


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