Carpet Restoration

Carpet restoration indianapolis When you look around your home, your carpet is easily one of the most expensive investments you've made. By the same token—your flooring is probably one of the most used surfaces in your home. Think about it: day in and day out, people walk, lounge, lay and tread across your carpet, making it a magnet for allergens, dirt and bacteria. And while traditional cleaning methods might perk up the look of your flooring, they can also flood your carpet with detergents and chemicals that detract from the health of your flooring, leaving residue behind and creating a dangerous situation for your home. Do you really want your children, family or pets lounging on harsh, dried in, chemicals? So—what is a conscientious homeowner to do? When you call up Zerorez® Indianapolis, we can help you to restore your carpet and flooring to like new quality. With our unique restoration process, we can remove the harmful substances left behind by those other carpet cleaners, restoring your carpet to its intended condition. Using Zrā„¢ Water, we rinse the carpet fibers and extract the dirt, detergent and residue trapped inside, reinvigorating your carpet with a truly clean and healthy feel. So if, in the past, you have tried cleaning your carpet with grocery store machines or hired traditional carpet cleaners who left behind soaps and detergents that have attracted more dirt, then now is the time to RESTORE your carpet with the Zerorez restoration cleaning process. We can get you a healthier home and a great looking carpet in just one visit!


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