Carpet Stain Cleaning Services in Phoenix

Oh stains… you constantly overwhelm and disgust the human race…

The question is- why do you exist? And how do we get rid of you forever? Is it even possible?

Why yes, yes it is possible. But only with the Zerorez® Phoenix carpet stain cleaning service- the Superhero Stain Stranglers!

Why Do Carpet Stains Remain a Pain?

Of course, stains begin by our own human error right? Perhaps it was a long day, and you came home to simply relax in your jammies with a soothing glass of red wine.

Halfway through the bottle, you get up to pour yourself another glass and kick the glass all over your honorable white carpet

Maybe it wasn't even you? Maybe your darling cat Fluffy decided to paw-swat it over out of revenge from you being at work all day!

How rude right?

It seems that no matter how quickly or thoroughly we take care of those carpet stains immediately, we will undoubtedly need a professional to come banish that stain forever. Otherwise it will simply continue to reappear over and over… ingrained into your brain…

Stains remain a pain when the carpet is traditionally cleaned- meaning it was cleaned using soaps, shampoos, and a basic rinse. And those stains decide to latch on tightly to those exact shampoos or soaps that were used, causing a permanent pain!

Those stains you had, have now burrowed deep within your carpet's fibers along with the shampoos.


"But I thought my carpet was cleaned professionally?"… Well, I suppose maybe it was. So why did your spots come back then? For that you can thank these two leading blunders for your carpet troubles- wicking and residue.

Stain Cleaning Services in Phoenix Zerorez carpet cleaning

Carpet Stain Cleaning Made Easy

Well the answer to this question is really quite simple. You just call Zerorez Phoenix of course!

You just have to find an incredible carpet cleaning company that cleans without the use of chemicals to leave behind residue.

What better than a company literally called Zerorez- Zero Residue®!

In contrast to many traditional cleaning methods, we do not use shampoos, soaps, or chemicals.

So how is the carpet being truly cleaned without the use of those, you ask? Well my dear friend. We use our special super Zerorez power called Zr™ Water for our carpet stain cleaning purposes.

The Right Way to Clean®

Not to mention our special stain cleaning method. This includes….

Super Zerorez Zr™ Water Carpet Stain Cleaning

Should a spill happen in the future, how do you do some damage control immediately before a professional comes?

Well, you should certainly look into buying some of our superhero Zr™ Water. This will help to soak up some of the spill from your carpet in a moment's notice before the professionals can get there.

That's right- no longer shall you use stain remover chemicals or cleaner- use super Zr™ Water for all your cleaning needs.

Shoot even if it's not a stain! You can use Zr™ Water to clean your counters after cooking, clean the surfaces of your home, or clean your shower. It really is the liquid kryptonite of cleaning super heroes.

Don't ever let anyone tell you different little Timmy. Zerorez is here to save the stain cleaning day.

Instead of a batman sign in the sky, imagine, if you will, a giant blue "ZR"…

That sounds quite beautiful I think.

If You Don't Professionally Clean Carpet Stains Right Away?

Well.. you don't even want to know what would happen!!

Obviously, if not cleaned professionally, the carpet stain will remain visible for basically all eternity. And haunt your dreams. And reside in the back of your mind throughout every waking hour.

Other than that terrifying fact, carpet stains act as a kind of sticky magnet on top, and underneath the surface.

Meaning that since it has not been treated and cleaned, it will now attract dirt, grime, and bacteria- all of which will positively stick to it's gluey like texture

The carpet stain begin to manifest by growing more bacteria, and catching more and more dirt.

Should Fluffy decide to roll around on that stain spot later on in life, she will inevitably be rolling around in bacteria! And then it's coated on her fur… which she licks off during grooming… and breathes in…

Plus, I mean, you're petting Fluffy! Now it's all over your hands. If you don't wash those diabolical things, you will touch your face, your food, your hair…

Goodness gracious even I'm scared now.

Clean your carpet stains professionally before poor Fluffy gets to it!

You should probably call us right now… or book online immediately…


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