Carpet Steam Cleaning: Is Your Office Spring-Ready?

Spring is here and for businesses in southern Nevada, that means it's spring cleaning time. At Zerorez®, we specialize in carpet steam cleaning and we know just how bad flooring can get and why cleaning it should be a part of your spring office overhaul. Why is spring cleaning so important? Because spring sunshine will be streaming into your windows, highlighting all of those areas you've neglected. The services we offer at Zerorez can make even your pickiest customers happy with the way your office looks because it is vitally important to make a good impression on them - and on your employees.

Deep Cleaning Gets Rid Of Accumulated Dirt

While you may have a janitorial service that takes care of daily tasks like emptying the trash and vacuuming your rugs, over time, dirt and grime can accumulate all over your place of business. Carpet steam cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, along with air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and office furniture cleaning, can rid your office of a year's (or more) worth of dust and ground-in dirt.

You Need Professional Assistance

When you want help with your spring office cleaning, you need a service that not only cleans but that is professional. You want trustworthy, highly-skilled and highly-trained people who will use the right cleaning supplies and techniques and who will work around your schedule. At Zerorez, we pride ourselves on how well we take care of you and your office and we'll clean as often or as little as you need us to - two, three or more times a year. In addition, we use a patented carpet steam cleaning technology that won't leave any harsh, chemical residue in your carpeting or on your furniture.

Steam Makes All The Difference

More than anything, you need a place of business that won't make you, your employees or your customers sick. When your carpeting and office furniture are steam-cleaned, you can be sure that the high temperatures will kill any harmful substance lingering in and on your soft office surfaces. So, in addition to a sparkling clean environment, you'll have one that will reduce the number of sick days your employees have to take because of these in your flooring and furniture.

If you're dreading opening your blinds this spring, call us at Zerorez at 702-567-0016 for professional upholstery, tile and carpet steam cleaning in Las Vegas, NV. We take your business seriously because we know how important it is to have a clean, well-maintained workplace. You can visit us online at to find out more about our cleaning services and to learn more about our company.

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