Certified Master Rug Cleaner

A couple weeks ago (right before all this stuff about the Corona Virus started), we sent our owner, Dave Grigsby, to Dallas to get certified as a Master Rug Cleaner. Dave has been cleaning rugs and fine textiles for 14 years now, and has taken several classes on them to hone his skills, but this was a class unlike any he had previously attended.

First off, it was 6 intense days of studying not just the best methods of cleaning rugs, but also learning to identify them. It may seem unimportant to be able to identify, I mean, aren't all rugs the same? It turns out that no, they aren't. As many different people are out there, there is a rug that is designed for each one of them. From rugs that are mass produced for WalMart, to those mad in tiny little villages in Iran, each rug is unique, and comes with it's own cleaning challenges. Throw in pets, kids, and other parts of life, and we suddenly get a much more challenging piece of art to clean.

Dave also learned some great techniques in correcting issues with some rugs, including stripping dyes, minor repairs to sides and fringe, and how to "block" rugs, getting them back into their correct size. While our process is already unique in the cleaning world because of the lack of harsh chemicals we use, we've now got a few more tricks to add to our repertoire, to safely and effectively remove stubborn dirt and stains.

It was a great class, and an absolute honor to be able to join some of the industry's top rug cleaners. We are looking forward to being able to better serve you and better clean your rugs!


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