Cheaters Will Not Prosper

We've been getting phone calls from people telling us that other companies are stealing our web traffic. We have also discovered various websites inserting "Zerorez" into their HTML code on their websites, and telling people when they call that they are "Zerorez" or that they use the same alkaline water cleaning method, or that all carpet cleaners are the same. It is frustrating, and some clients have even mentioned that they booked an appointment with "Zerorez" only to have some guy in a dirty t-shirt in rusty van show up ready to work. Obviously, if they are not in a Zerorez truck, clean shaven, English speaking, and wearing a Zerorez shirt with their name and Zerorez embroidered on the front, they are not the real deal. The moral of the story, of course, is that the competition knows no one cleans like Zerorez, and as we grow, they keep losing business. Please, if the technician does not have a shirt with "Zerorez" stitched on the front, do not let them in the house. And if the company representative you call does not answer "Zerorez, how can I help you?" when you call, try again, because we are seeing more and more imposters, and only Zerorez offers green cleaning using high pH alkaline water without the soaps and residue of all the other cleaners out there.


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