Chemical-Free Carpet Cleaning: Zerorez® FAQ’s

People often ask Zerorez technicians if we are really different from traditional carpet cleaners. Do we really offer chemical-free carpet cleaning? It seems almost too good to be true that we can clean with water (even with our modified alkaline water solution) and still be effective. And of course there are some people in the industry who reject newer technology and methods that they are unfamiliar with. So here are the facts, and you can decide:

Q. Is Zerorez safe?

A. Yes. Zerorez uses a new technology for cleaning. Rather than loading carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces with detergents or other chemicals we use a modified alkaline water to clean with. We say we are the guys that drink the water", and by that we mean that the solution we clean with is so safe and pure we can actually drink it!

Q. How do you make your cleaning solution?

A. We soften the water with an industrial softener which removes hard water minerals and impurities and then run it through a special generator. The generator uses a low voltage current and platinum plates to "split" the water molecule into both acid and alkaline solutions. We do not add chemicals or other additives, and the process creates a pure alkaline water, chemical-free carpet cleaning solution that is both safe and effective.

Q. Do you use pretreatment products in your cleaning process?

A. Yes, we often use a soap-free product called Chem-Free® that is heavily diluted with our alkaline water to pre-treat especially dirty surfaces. Chem-Free brightens fibers and emulsifies soils and keeps them in suspension so our alkaline water rinse can quickly and easily remove soils without the risk of over-wetting the carpet. Chem-Free is absolutely safe and soap-free and is rinsed away during the cleaning and rinsing process. In addition, if there are areas that need special treatment such as pet stains, wine, or ball point pen, for example, we will use products especially designed for those problems. Of course they will only be used in the specific areas that require treatment, not throughout the entire house, and will also be rinsed away during the cleaning process with our alkaline water solution.

Q. Does Zerorez really work? Is this just a marketing gimmick or the real deal?

A. This, of course, is the most important question. Yes, the Zerorez cleaning solution is safe enough that we can drink what we clean with. But when discussing the efficacy of Zerorez we prefer to let our clients speak for us rather try to convince you with our own opinions.

In a survey taken in June of 2013, we asked over 12,800 ZerorezSoCal clients the following questions:

  1. Do you believe that Zerorez alkaline water soap-free cleaning is more effective than traditional soap and chemical based cleaning? 93% responded "yes".
  2. Are you more or less likely to refer Zerorez to friends and family than you were a traditional soap or chemical based cleaner? 96% responded "more likely".

We recognize that there can be differences of opinion about how best to keep your home safe and clean. But we believe the customer is the best one to make that decision, and they seem to be saying loud and clear that Zerorez truly is the "right way to clean." With a 92% repeat rate, our clients choose Zerorez again and again. That is an amazing endorsement of this unique process!

And finally, one last thing for you to consider:

Q. Can anyone else use the same process for cleaning that Zerorez does?

A. No, the process of cleaning carpet and upholstery using a high pH alkaline water solution is patented. No one else can make that claim or clean the way we do.


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