Cleaning From Zerorez® is Safe for Kids and Pets

Our Zr™ Water

Here at Zerorez Bay Area, we clean your carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery with our green carpet cleaning solution -Zr™ Water. This electrolyzed oxidative water cleans more powerfully than soaps and chemicals. With our Zr™ Water, you can rest assured knowing that your surfaces are in good hands that will create a safe palce for you, your family, your kids, and your pets.

Are Other Floor Cleaning Methods Safe for Kids and Pets?

Traditional cleaners in the carpet cleaning industry have been cleaning the same ways for years - they use soaps or chemicals to loosen dirt and grime in the carpet fibers, then try and extract it all out. The problem with this is that in place of the dirt that is pulled out of your carpet, a sticky residue from the soap and chemicals is left behind. This sticky residue left behind in your carpet after a traditional carpet cleaning will then start to attract dirt and grime like a magnet. Not only is it a problem that your carpet will now be attracting even more dirt, but now you have particles of soap and chemicals in the carpet that your kids and pets make direct contact with daily. You don't want to expose your children or pets to any unnecessary chemicals. That is why here at Zerorez we have come up with a green carpet cleaning solution - Zr™ Water.

How Often Should You Clean Your Floors If You Have Kids or Pets?

When milk is spilled, clean the floors, when you see pet hair building up, clean the floors. When you start to see dark spots appear in places that are frequently walked on, professionally clean your floors. When your pet has an accident, certainly have your carpets cleaned as soon as possible. With the daily wear and tear that comes from loving with children and pets, it is recommended that you give your floors a good professional cleaning at least every 6 months, and possibly every 3 months if they get overly sticky and stinky!

Zerorez Floor Cleaning Services in the Bay Area

No other cleaner in the world gets your surfaces as clean - or keeps them clean as long - as Zerorez. You will be amazed at how much we can get out of your carpet, the grime we can get off your hard surfaces, and the way we can restore the colors of your rug. Here at the Bay Area Zerorez, we offer a variety of services that were made to make your life easier and the surfaces in your house cleaner and safer. Our residential services include:

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