Cleaning Products to Avoid with Hardwood Floors

Prolonging the Life of Your Hardwood

Your home lovingly protects you and your family, so why would you not do the same for your home? Many people with hardwood floors try to find obscure ways to do their own hardwood floor cleaning and end up doing more harm than good when they use certain store-bought cleaners on such sensitive surfaces.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors: The Do's and Dont's

Your hardwood floors are easily susceptible to dents, scratches, warping, peeling, stripping, and even water damage that many cleaning products can cause. Harsh chemicals and even fragrances have the power to wear down the finish of your wood floor's natural shine and value.

When choosing a cleaning method for your hardwood floors be sure to avoid:

  • Vinegar and Ammonia: Cleaning products that have a base of vinegar or ammonia eat away at the dirt on your floor - and also the floor's finish itself. Over time, the acid will wear down your hardwood, leaving you with splotchy patches that are difficult to revive. You really want to look for a pH-neutral cleaner like ourZr™ Water!

  • Oil Soap: Cleaners with an oil component are great at making your floor appear shiny, but they often just trap dust and dirt on top of the varnish, leaving your hardwood flooring to fade over time. This residue can actually re-attract soil and cause dulling and permanent damage over time.

  • Excess Water: It may seem like a good idea to grab a mop and go to town on your hardwood floors with a bucket of water, but if you use too much water, the liquid can start to absorb into the wood, causing it to swell, and potentially crack at the seams. This creates a devastating mess that can be very difficult to repair and may even need to be replaced. Just a few spritzes of liquid and a dry mop should be enough.

However, just because some products harm hardwood does not mean that you should skip cleaning your floors altogether. Instead of using those store-bought cleaning products that can damage your flooring, have a professional like Zerorez® tend to your floors, or if you want to do it yourself in the meantime, simply vacuum or sweep your floors often. This will keep your floors clear of most debris and help to prolong the clean.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors According to Zerorez

So what is the best way to clean hardwood floors? Start with scheduling your hardwood floor cleaning with your local Zerorez, but for maintenance, we recommend a few tried and true options that can help keep your floors cleaner longer:

  • Vacuum or sweep regularly to pick up large, visible debris

  • Purchase a microfiber mop and use warm water sparingly to lift some of the grime

  • Opt for a sealant with each hardwood floor cleaning service to protect your floors

And just like that, you will notice your hardwood floors looking cleaner and stronger over time. For additional information or questions on the services Zerorez has to offer, get in touch with the experts at the nearest Zerorez to you!

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