Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Henderson, NV: Why You Should Go Green

commercial carpet cleaning henderson nv

When you're looking for commercial carpet cleaning in Henderson, NV, call us at Zerorez. We'll not only do a great job cleaning all of the carpeting in your business, we'll also use products to clean your carpet that you can trust will be safe for you, your employees and your customers. At Zerorez, when we say that our cleaning products are "green," we're not just using a popular buzzword to attract customers; we really use safe, eco-friendly products derived from nature because we care about your health and about the planet we all share.

Traditional Cleaning Products Are Harmful To People

Many ingredients found in non-green products used in commercial carpet cleaning in Henderson, NV are extremely hazardous to humans. One of those chemicals, perchloroethylene, can cause dizziness, upset stomaches and headaches. Naphthalene, a dirt remover derived from coal tar, has been known to cause damage to the central nervous system in humans and has been linked to the development of some cancers. Even with suction removal of detergent and water from your carpeting and a drying period, both chemicals remain in the carpet and the air of your office. Green carpet cleaning products are generally not harmful to people, making your workplace safer for your staff. This translates to less sick days for employees and more productivity.

Traditional Cleaning Products Are Harmful To The Environment

After cleaning your carpets, the companies that use traditional ingredients pour the cleaning wastewater containing these hazardous chemicals down the drain and into the ecosystem, where it contaminates ground water, plants and animals. At Zerorez, our green methods use organic products to lift dirt out of floor coverings. Since these products do not send known carcinogens and pollutants into the environment, there is less chance of destroying animal and plant habitats and poisoning water supplies.

Traditional Cleaning Products Shorten The Lifespan Of Your Carpeting

Traditional ingredients in carpet cleaning products can be so harsh that they fade carpet dyes and weaken the fibers and padding. In addition, traditional cleaning methods leave more chemical residue in carpeting that, even when dry, attracts dirt and grime to your carpet that can quickly wear out the fibers, considerably shortening the lifespan of your flooring. The green cleaning products and more efficient cleaning methods we use at Zerorez can extend the life of your carpeting.

If you need commercial carpet cleaning in Henderson, NV, find out more about Zerorez and our safe, effective green cleaning supplies by calling us at (702) 567-0016. You can also visit us online at to get information about all of our commercial cleaning services.

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