Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Las Vegas: Don’t Ignore Your Carpeting

If your southern Nevada business has carpeting, you need Zerorez® commercial carpet cleaning in Las Vegas. At Zerorez, we know that your carpeting is one of the first things your customers will see when they walk through your door; and if you think they won't notice a little dirt or grime, think again. Your

commercial carpet cleaning las vegas
customers will notice and their first impression of your business will not only be that it is unclean, but also that you really don't care if it makes them uncomfortable. If you're a business owner who isn't properly maintaining your carpeting, it may be because you're laboring under some false impressions about carpet cleaning that include:

➤ Dark Carpeting Doesn't Need To Be Cleaned As Often

Your dark-colored carpeting may not show stains and dirt as easily as light-colored carpeting, but they're still there nonetheless. Daily vacuuming is a good first step in keeping your dark carpeting clean; but deep, steam cleaning is a necessary part of commercial carpet cleaning in Las Vegas because your carpeting is also home to millions of illness-causing germs and allergens that can be eliminated with steam. In addition, regular cleaning removes dirt and debris that acts like sandpaper on the fibers of your carpeting, causing it to wear out faster and need replacing sooner than it normally would.

➤ Businesses With No Public Traffic Don't Need Carpet Cleaning

Just because you don't have customers coming into areas of your business that are carpeted, you still have employees who have to work in carpeted areas. While you may be paying your staff to work in your business, walking into an office with dirty carpeting can easily lower their morale; and lowered morale leads to less productivity. Maintaining a clean, healthy working environment is critical to keeping your employees happy and to recruiting new employees.

➤ Vacuuming Is The Only Cleaning Carpets Need

Vacuuming is just the first step in carpet care. Though it can remove a lot of the dirt and debris from your carpeting that can abrade the fibers, it can't get everything. A vacuum can't reach dirt that has fallen deep into carpet fibers, it can't remove stains and it can't kill bacteria and viruses living in the carpeting. For that you need regular deep cleaning with steam.

➤ The Cleaning Company With The Fanciest Equipment Will Do The Best Job

State-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology is always a plus; but if the company you hire to clean your carpeting doesn't properly train their employees, you won't be getting the carpet cleaning that you expect. Years of accumulated expertise and the right training will mean that a good carpet cleaning company will know exactly how to clean your specific carpeting and which products they need to use to get the best results.

Our carpeting experts at Zerorez commercial carpet cleaning in Las Vegas can clean your carpeting so that it looks good and makes a great first impression on your customers. Call us at (702) 567-0016 to make an appointment for a carpet cleaning consultation. To find out more about Zerorez, visit us online at

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