Commercial Floor Cleaning Just Got Easier

Fun fact- Did you know that Zerorez® can not only clean house flooring, but we also do commercial floor cleaning as well?

You think your home flooring is repelling, but you have no idea how scandalous your office flooring is! Let's be honest.

The reality is that we bust our humps all day at some office, to make the money, to pay the bills, for the house we are not even in all day- because we're in the office all day! Right? So frustrating.. but such is life.

So yeah, you spend the majority of your waking day in that wretched office.

And all the other employees there do too! Not to mention, those pesky customers, or the outside companies that come through.

You know, like the UPS guy who delivers your special, over-priced phone case from Amazon, or the pizza guy who probably has some weird combination of pizza flour and pepperoni juice under his sneakers…

Not to mention the little buggies that run around on those floors! Yuck…

The reality of commercial floors…

Believe it or not, commercial flooring is specifically built to hide those exact pepperoni grease stains left behind from your beloved pizza delivery boy.

But just because those traffic stains are obscured by fancy multi-colored facets of carpet, does not mean they aren't there. Because they are. Trust us…

Those same industrial carpets typically have very little padding underneath, and teeny-tiny, tight looped fibers.

This idea is so that we can pretend that wear and tear doesn't happen here. Commercial tile or wood floors will boast a horrific tan or neutral color, giving you the illusion that your floors are not grungy! No, never, how could they be?

Try walking around the office bare foot, just for the day…

Typically, your customers and regular pizza delivery boy, don't notice the small dirty things about your office. Like that fancy painting of a bowl of fruit behind your desk, settled with a fine layer of dust.

He definitely doesn't get a glimpse of where those pizza leftovers go- the inside of your shared office refrigerator. Horrifying…

A dirty office is definitely noticeable, trust us! It is so unbelievably easy to have a spick and span office , and you can't go wrong with it either!

The employees will love coming to their non-dusty keyboards, your pizza delivery guy will start to dream of your sparkling office, and not of dancing pizza's at night.

And your customers?

They will be more satisfied with your products and services! Because judging off of your office, they will know your business is clean, and the best in the biz!

Presenting the image of success

What would you rather work in- a beautiful, clean, well decorated office, or something with the same feeling as a warehouse?

If you ask me, the second one sounds terrifying. I imagine some kind of concrete floor with big machines lugging around Walmart tennis shoes…

On the bright side, you don't have to look like a concrete tennis shoe warehouse! Because you have commercial carpet, and/or commercial tile or wood!

All you need now is a push in the right direction! You want nothing more than for your customers to come into your place of business, and say, "Wow this place is gorgeous!".

You want to give off the right impression of your business.

Show them who's boss!

Of course, not everyone pays attention to the environment around them, but you can never be too safe!

Making sure your environment is cohesive with the mood of the job can not only help the employees feel great working there, but also show your customers you are the best of the best.

This can be done with beautiful design and decoration, with everything in it's place, tidy and shiny, bathed in bright, happy lighting.

Don't forget about the most important part though- everyone loves attractive flooring (like charming little rugs around the office to cover that terrible commercial carpet).

It might be time to schedule a commercial carpet cleaning with Zerorez- you know, so you can make those hideous commercial floors looking beautiful again!

Schedule a carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning to pretty up your workplace. We know you take pride in your business- so let us help you create the office of your dreams (and your pizza guy's dreams).

We have the Zero Residue® clean you are looking for!

The best part? Our top-rated system sanitizes carpet and removes bacteria and germs.

Platinum rated by the CRI for most possible dirt and soil extraction, with Zerorez technology your carpet will dry much faster than with traditional methods.

The patented cleaning technology of Zerorez uses no soaps or harsh chemicals to clean, which means No Residue® is left behind. Zerorez proprietary Zr™ Water cleans better than soap without leaving a sticky chemical residue.

Get in touch! Let's chat about how Zerorez Phoenix can help your office floors look new again!


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