Common Allergens in Las Vegas

Over 35 million people in the U.S. are troubled with seasonal allergies, which show up as runny noses, puffy or itchy eyes and moderate to severe congestion. Las Vegas residents are not immune from such allergies, especially in the spring when plants such as mulberry, juniper and many types of weeds release pollen that find their way into the valley to plague residents.

Las Vegas allergy triggers

Las Vegas is especially prone to allergens because of its dusty and dry desert location. Add to that the limitless supply of ragweed, one of the most common sources of airborne pollen, and you have the perfect formula for triggering allergies.

During summer, the common allergens may change, but the problem persists. This is when the mite population tends to soar, and mold also contributes heavily into a bothersome mix. The bottom line is that there are plenty of sources for allergies in the Las Vegas area, and that means sufferers have to defend themselves by whatever means are most effective for their particular form of allergy.

Defending against allergies

In many cases, over-the-counter medications can be at least somewhat effective in suppressing or managing the symptoms of allergies, and if none of those seem to work, seeing the family doctor should be the next course of action. Another important step to take in the battle against allergies is to focus on the carpet, which often contains the most common allergens: dust, debris and other pollutants. By , more of those potential triggers in your own home can be effectively removed.

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