Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Wall-to-wall carpets have many wonderful benefits. They insulate your floors and act as the home's biggest air filter. They are soft on your feet and can make a home warm and inviting! However, carpet is difficult to keep clean. When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are several common carpet cleaning mistakes that do more harm than good.

Cleaning Carpet with Soap

One of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes is cleaning carpet with soap. This includes any foams or soapy substances and carpet shampooing. This carpet cleaning mistake may come across as a shocker because we clean our hands, dishes, and clothes with soap - why would it be bad to clean our carpets with soap? The problem with cleaning carpets with soap is that the sticky, soapy residue is always left behind deep in the carpet fibers. Soapy residue attracts dirt and oil into your carpet and can do lasting damage, causing them to become matted, crunchy to the feel, and unpleasant to look at.

Cleaning with Chemicals

Many people assume that cleaning with harsh chemicals is the best way to effectively eliminate bacteria and germs. However, cleaning with harsh chemicals always comes with risks. Carpet is porous and more likely to hold onto particles that are left behind. When harsh chemicals are left behind in the carpet fibers, it also leaves behind the potential issue of causing skin irritation. When the skin of your babies, children, grandchildren, or pets comes into contact with your carpet, you want your carpet to be soft to the touch and not full of cleaning chemicals that could potentially be unsafe.

The Zerorez Difference

Rather than use soaps or harsh chemicals, Zerorez® only cleans carpet with Zr™ Water. This powerful cleaning solution is simple because it is simply water that has been electrolyzed and oxidized. It is applied to the carpet with a gentle high-pressure spray to loosen deeply embedded dirt and grime. Rather than leaving behind a crunchy carpet that will attract more dirt, the Zerorez Process® leaves you with a soft, fresh carpet!

Masking Smells Instead of Eliminating

Another common carpet cleaning mistake is attempting to cover up unpleasant odors rather than treating the root of the issue. Most of the time, when people need odors eliminated from their carpet, it is due to pet accidents. The truth is, at-home spot cleaners for pet odor don't have the necessary agents to fix the problem effectively. The traditional carpet cleaner relies on perfumes and oils to cover up pet smells after cleaning. Still, these agents only work temporarily to mask odors, plus they leave behind an unwanted residue in your carpets.

Zerorez has a special pet odor treatment that can be catered to each of our customers. No furry friend is the same, and each spot must be examined closely to determine how to best treat the root of the issue. At Zerorez, we strive to treat the root of the problem and eliminate odors rather than try to cover them up with aromas or perfumes. If you are wondering how to get stains out of carpets, or unpleasant smells, Zerorez has got you covered.

Our Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaning process is free of soaps, detergents, and harsh chemicals. Our patented and lab-tested process leaves behind absolutely No Residue®, thus helping your carpets to actually stay cleaner longer. Rather than attempting to clean your carpets on your own, or opting for a discount carpet cleaner, call the best carpet cleaner! Discover how The Zerorez Difference can make your carpets Insanely Clean™ by booking an appointment with Zerorez Indianapolis today!

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