COVID 19 and Zerorez® Boise

This has been a crazy week, hasn't it? On top of the normal things, like Daylight Savings Time change, Friday the 13th, and the full moon, we've now had the Corona Virus outbreak, the falling stock market, and a run on toilet paper. Churches are cancelling services, schools are closing down, and things are just plain crazy. At least today is Pi Day....

At Zerorez, I want to let our customers know that we do take health seriously. Our cleaning process is designed to be the best clean available to people struggling with disease and illness. Our process is specifically great for those that struggle with allergies and sensitive immune systems. As such, our procedures are already designed to help limit the spread of germs and other pollutants to our customers and their families. In light of recent events, we are strengthening some of those processes, and improving the way we do business to help combat not just this newest threat, but all threats. Staying clean is one of the best things we can do to fight off infections. We are committed to cleaning our equipment regularly, sanitizing it in between appointments, and generally trying to stay healthy. We pride ourselves on already being good hand-washers, but will step up our game to require it before and after each appointment. As we have access to some of the most advanced anti-microbial technology available, we will be implementing that technology on our equipment, helping it to stay as clean as possible. If, in the event one of our staff does feel sick, they asked to stay home. We are ramping up our staffing needs to be able to help cover shifts as much as possible.

Keeping our homes clean and sanitized is one of the best ways to prevent illnesses, and as such, we have always offered, and will continue to offer, some amazing products and services to help you keep your home safe. In addition to our normal cleaning procedures, EPA-approved anti-microbial treatments can be added to any surface in your home, creating a germ resistant safe haven. We have air purification systems that are listed as Class II medical devices by the FDA. We have more natural means of helping to ward off airborne infections in the form of evaporative gels. And, of course, our cleaning products are available to anyone who needs a safe and effective way of cleaning their home or office. Remember, washing hands is great. Keeping your distance can be good. Cleaning is a fantastic strategy. Stay healthy, eat your veggies, drink lots of water. Sunlight (I know its rare right now) is also a great disinfectant. Open your windows, let some fresh air in once in a while. And let us know if there is anything we can do to help you out.

Thank you, stay healthy, and eat some pie!


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