Customer Review - Carpet Cleaning in Artesia, CA

When we got the call to do a high grade carpet cleaning in Artesia, we knew that we had to put our best foot forward. Check out the feedback from The Property Management Co, as well as the before & after pictures to see how we did!

Location: Artesia
Service: Deep cleaning & stain removal
Technique: Alkaline water with steam clean treatment

What they said: "Good Afternoon, We did put a call into your offices to let you know that we are VERY PLEASED with the outcome of the carpet cleaning at this property and wanted to followup with this email and pictures. The owner had installed a high grade carpet hoping that it would last for a number of years. The previous tenant, put in by another property manager, apparently didn't care about the carpet and tracked oil or food of some type throughout. The first two pics were the really bad areas: stairs and bonus room. We really did not think it could be removed. We told the owner about Zerorez® and they agreed to "try." When we called in we told the scheduler about the damage and asked that your tech pay extra attention to the spots. SURPRISE! ASTOUNDING! The second two pics are after. The areas were cleaned and you can't tell that it was ever that bad. Thank you!! We always knew that ZeroRez was a GREAT company and your ability to remove stains incredible. We will continue to call you for ALL our rental properties . . . and personal residences.

The Property Management Co."

Artesia carpet cleaning before and after
Zerorez Floor Before and After
Artesia carpet cleaning stairs before and after
Zerorez Stairs Before and After


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