Dangerous Carpet Cleaner Chemicals

It doesn't usually occur to most homeowners that when they have carpets cleaned professionally, they are often introducing dangerous chemicals, some of which can have really harmful effects on family members, into the household environment.

Most homeowners aren't aware that every time they have their carpets cleaned with these chemicals, more toxic residue builds up in the fibers of the carpet. Sure, it smells great, but that's how it is with chemicals - sometimes that appealing fragrance masks the fact that something poisonous has penetrated your living area.

Are all Carpet Cleaners Bad?

By no means! There are some professionals who are aware of the dangers and use only natural carpet cleaning products, which harm no one and are just as effective as commercial shampoos. But don't be fooled by a pretty smell - many of those commercial shampoos contain highly toxic substances, such as ammonium hydroxide and perchlorethylene, which is a carcinogen known to cause damage to kidneys, liver and the nervous system.
After several "cleanings," these carpet cleaner chemicals can build up a toxic residue that is truly frightening. Older carpets are particularly suspect because many of them were made before more stringent regulations were passed, governing the kinds of materials and chemicals that could be used in the manufacturing process.
If your carpet has been in place awhile, it could also have accumulated years of dirt, dust, mites, animal hair, pesticides and cleaning products.

What's the Cure for Toxic Carpets?

You do need to keep your carpet clean, because a great many pollutants can become trapped in the fibers, and these need to be eliminated. However, the answer is in using Zr™ Water a powerful cleaning agent that leaves Zero Residue® and does not create a buildup of harmful toxins in your rug.

The Professionals Who Clean Carpets the Natural Way

In the Las Vegas and Henderson areas of Nevada, the professionals to call are Zerorez® because we use a totally green cleaning process, which is revolutionary, patented and completely safe for you and everyone else in your household, including pets.

The cleaning agent used in this process is water-based and completely free of all harsh chemicals and toxins. The patented Zr™ Watersystem uses a high-pressure controlled spray approach to loosen up all embedded residues before removal by an extraction wand.

Contact us at Zerorez in Las Vegas for an estimate on cleaning your carpets and rugs the safe, natural way so that there is no ongoing damage to carpets and no health hazards to family members.

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