Dangerous Chemicals in the Home: 9 Tips and Facts

dangerous chemicals in the home

Is Your Home Giving You Chemical Overload?

Because Zerorez is known to provide a non-chemical, natural cleaning system for all the surfaces your walk-on (carpet, rugs, tile, grout, stone and hardwood) and sit-in (upholstery), it's only natural for us to be concerned about the chemicals we use within our living environments (home and work).

Is your home safe from dangerous chemicals and pollution? Numerous studies show that our homes are loaded with chemical contaminants, even though we all want a cleaner, healthier living environment. Just how bad is the problem, and what can we do about it? Here are five statistics that you need to know:

17,000 - There are over 17,000 petrochemicals that are available for home use… and only 30% have been tested to evaluate how exposure to them will affect our health and the environment.

5 billion pounds - This is the quantity of chemicals used annually by the institutional cleaning industry.

100 times higher - The level that indoor air pollution can be above outdoor air pollution levels, according to U.S. EPA estimates.

63 products - synthetic chemicals found in the average American home, totaling about 10 gallons of harmful chemicals.

23 gallons - the quantity of chemical products a typical janitor uses each year, 25% of qualify as dangerous chemicals

Have you ever given much thought to the substances that enter your home on the bottom of your shoes? How about on clothing? Your pets? Your friends? Asphalt. Bacteria. Car exhaust. Chemicals. Dirt. Dust. Dust mites. Earth. Food particles. Fungus. Germs. Gravel. Grease. Grime. Grit. Hair. Industrial waste. Lint. Mud. Pet stains. Pollens. Pollutants. Rock. Sand. Scum. Smoke. Soil. Soot. Tar. Tobacco smoke. Urine. Vomit. Just to name a few.

Plus, don't forget living creatures, such as dust mites, fleas and critters that live, hide and breed in your carpet. And what about your maid service or carpet cleaner? What products are they adding to your home chemical overload?

The key to a healthy living environment is the removal of these potentially harmful substances.

A lot of them get walked into your home on the bottom of shoes. A key element to keeping a big portion of this soil and grime out is the smart use of walk-off mats at key entry points.

Carpet acts as a giant filter in your home…

…and filters need to be cleaned. As you think about the amount of foot traffic that your carpet receives, it's no surprise that frequent vacuuming and regular cleaning need to be part of its upkeep. And too often we see a lack of cleaning (especially the professional kind) being the problem and not the carpet itself.

Carpet has developed an undeserved reputation.

As the lack of proper cleaning lets the carpet get dirtier and dirtier, it's now the carpet itself that gets the blame for its poor upkeep.

Various studies have shown that a well maintained carpet actually keeps the indoor living environment healthier.

It does this by keeping dust, dirt and pollutants trapped in the carpet fibers and not allowing them to become airborne as on tile, stone and hardwood surfaces. Thus keeping these harmful substances out of your breathing zone. This is in stark contrast to advice given by some medical professionals to remove carpet from the indoor living environment to help people with asthma. Well maintained carpet will actually help and not harm your indoor health.

One of the reasons that clients choose Zerorez for cleaning their carpets, upholstery, area rugs, and other surfaces is that we have gotten rid of most of the dangerous chemicals other cleaning companies use for cleaning. Traditional carpet cleaners use soaps, detergents or solvents to clean with that leave chemical residue to overload your home with harmful, toxic products that remain in carpet or fabrics.

Zerorez uses a patented, purified alkaline water to clean with. That means no chemical residue and no worries about chemical buildup when you use our services. And to show just how clean and safe our cleaning solution is, our technicians can even drink it right in front of you! Try asking another cleaner to do that, even if they claim they are using "green," non-toxic products! There is just no comparison. Zerorez, the guys that can even drink what they clean with.

We suggest that you call Zerorez and get rid of the chemicals. You will breathe easier, and so will your family. Zerorez stands for "No Residue," and now you know the reason why.

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