Decorating Your Home with Area Rugs

Have you ever looked at a room in your home and felt like something was missing? Home decor plays a massive role in the way we feel within our homes. Area rugs are a great way to bring warmth and comfort to the rooms in your house. Some people argue that because they have carpet flooring or beautiful wood floors, they don't need an area rug. But area rugs have the incredible benefit of not only adding some spice to your decor, but also protecting your floors from potential damage! Here are some fun options for how you can decorate your home with area rugs!

All Shapes and Sizes

Area rugs are incredibly versatile. Whether you want a small runner in your kitchen, or you are looking for an area rug to lay down in your bedroom, the options are endless! Tap into your love for interior design to alter the look of your home.

There are medallion-style rugs that come in a circular shape or pattern that work nicely for mostly boxy rooms. Adding something with soft edges can help a room to feel less sharp.

Looking for a rug for your room? Try layering! A current trend we have picked up on is throwing down a large jute rug, and putting a softer, light-colored synthetic rug over it to put a twist on a regular, boring rug!

Materials to Choose From

There are so many options for area rug materials, and it can be overwhelming. At the end of the day, it all depends on your budget and your style.

Wool rugs are some of the best quality on the market, and they tend to be very beautiful. If you are interested in investing in an area rug, consider wool! They are relatively low maintenance, and tend to show less dirt than other kinds of rugs.

Synthetic rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and the synthetic materials vary. The best kind of synthetic is something like polyester. It's highly durable, and also easy to clean.

Jute rugs and shag rugs tend to be harder to clean, and they can begin to show wear and tear more easily than other materials. While they are very appealing as far as aesthetics go, they are not quite as practical.

*Fun Fact: Many people admire wool rugs so much that they even use them as wall decor because of how beautiful the patterns are!*

Area rugs used for home decor are a wonderful way to bring a space together. Your empty-looking rooms can immediately become warm and cozy with the simple addition of an area rug. Interior design is not everyone's strong suit, but area rugs make it simple to make your home look more put together.

At Zerorez®, we believe that area rugs are a worthy investment! Not only will they add a lovely touch to your home, but they will protect your existing floors from unnecessary daily damage. Prolonging the life of your floors is simple with area rugs. For any advice on materials and cleaning, call Zerorez for help. Our experts know exactly how to treat all kinds of rugs and hard surfaces to keep their durability and make your home look and feel clean!


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