Don’t Believe These 5 Carpet Cleaning Myths

At Zerorez® we are more than just carpet cleaning experts. However, most of our business is cleaning and beautifying home and office carpeting. Why do we clean so many carpets? Because carpets are in the majority of homes and businesses in America and have been for decades. Carpeting is so popular for a number of reasons, including that it feels soft under foot, it reduces noise and it provides insulation. If you're trying to decide on flooring for your home or office and you've heard some things about carpeting that might make you consider some other material, here's what you should know about some of those common carpet misconceptions:

1 - Carpeting Is Bad For Asthma And Allergy Sufferers

You may have heard that if you suffer from chronic allergies and asthma that carpeting is the worst thing to put down in your home or office because carpeting traps allergens that are released every time the carpet is stepped on. While it is true that some allergens are released, the fact is the carpeting traps and immobilizes the majority of allergy-causing particulates, which can actually help people with allergies. The allergens that stay trapped in the carpeting aren't circulating in the air.

2 - Carpeting Is Hard To Maintain

Keeping carpeting clean can be just as easy as keeping any other type of flooring clean. Vacuum, or have your carpets vacuumed, frequently to remove dirt and debris before they fall below the surface of the pile. And every 6 or 12 months, depending on the wear your carpeting gets, have a professional company, like Zerorez carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, deep-clean all of your carpets.

3 - Carpeting Is Outdated And Boring

Tile lasts forever and hardwood is rich and timeless but nothing comes in more colors and styles than carpeting. Whether you prefer low-pile or high-pile, wool or nylon, vivid colors or classic neutrals, you'll find something to love in carpeting. Carpeting lends warmth to a home and reduces noise in an office setting. Check out your local carpet retailer to see the wide variety of carpeting in styles that range from modern to traditional.

4 - Carpeting Emits Harmful Chemicals

Carpet padding and adhesives emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Inhalation of these VOCs can sometimes lead to symptoms like fatigue, headaches, eye, nose, throat and skin irritation, coughing and shortness of breath. Though it usually takes about 5 years after the installation of carpeting for these compounds to dissipate, VOCs in carpeting products are emitted at a lower level than in other household furnishings and building materials.

5 - Carpeting Is Bad For The Environment

Carpeting manufacturers offer many cleaning options when it comes to flooring. Some carpeting is made with recycled materials, including plastic bottles. This type of manufacturing helps to turn carpeting into a renewable product and keeps carpet waste out of landfills.

Choose carpeting for your home or office. When you need to have your carpets cleaned, call us at Zerorez carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV. To find out more about us and our patented cleaning technology, visit and call (702) 567-0016 to schedule a cleaning consultation.

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