Don’t Believe These 6 Things About Carpet Cleaning Services

At Zerorez® we know that getting professional carpet cleaning services is a great way to make your home look warm and inviting. We also know that keeping carpeting clean and looking great requires some work. If you have carpeting in your home or office, there are some things you may have heard about carpet maintenance that you shouldn't believe:

1 - Steam Cleaning Ruins Carpeting

While it may seem counterintuitive that saturating your carpeting with water is a good idea, the fact is that steaming hot water kills harmful substances and softens dirt and grime. The extraction process that pulls the water back out of your carpeting ensures that the loose dirt and dead bugs are efficiently removed and carried away. When the extraction is done correctly, as it is by our Zerorez carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV, there is very little moisture left in your carpeting. When almost all of the water is extracted, mold and mildew that can ruin carpeting won't form.

2 - Carpets That Look Good Don't Need Cleaning

Just because your carpeting looks clean (and that includes new carpeting), that doesn't mean you don't need to get regular, professional carpet cleaning. Much of the dirt you, your family and pets deposit on your carpeting falls down into the fibers, where it can abrade them and shorten the life of your carpeting.

3 - Carpet Deodorizers Keep Carpets Clean

Sprinkle-on carpet deodorizers don't do anything but mask odors from stains and dirt; and they're actually not very good at doing that. In addition, powdery deodorizer float into the air you breathe and it settles into your carpeting (even after vacuuming), where it can act as an abrasive on your carpet's fibers.

4 - It's Possible To Vacuum Too Much

Vacuuming is a thankless task and one that no one wants to do more than is absolutely necessary; but the fact is that vacuuming often is best for your carpeting. The sad truth is that you can never vacuum too much.

5 - Renting A Steam Cleaning Machine Is A Good Idea

There are so many things that can go wrong with a rental carpet cleaning machine; but the biggest problem is water. Rental machines are good at soaking carpeting but not very good at extracting the water, which can result in extended carpet drying times and the eventual growth of mold and mildew that are hazardous to the health of people and pets.

6 - Carpeting Is Bad For Allergies

While you may think that hard flooring like laminate or tile are best at keeping allergens out of your home, the truth is that carpeting traps allergens and keeps them from floating around your home; and regular vacuuming removes them.

Don't believe everything you hear about carpet maintenance. Get information you can trust, along with great carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV, from Zerorez. Call Zerorez at 702-567-0016 or visit to make an appointment for a consultation.

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