Don’t Forget About Cleaning Your Shower Tiles

What happens if you forget about cleaning your bathroom shower tiles? If you use the shower every day, does that give your tiles a good enough rinse that you wouldn't need to put in any extra effort? Or what if you don't even use your shower? If the shower is never used, then it never needs to be cleaned right? Wrong! There are many conveniences about having tile in your bathroom shower, but cleaning them is always a must if you want a hygienic house. First, let's talk about the pros of using tile in your bathroom. Then, we will cover why it is important to keep shower tiles clean and how you can keep your shower tiles a smooth, clean, and hygienic surface.

Why You Should use Bathroom Shower Tiles

There are many reasons why you may choose to use bathroom shower tiles. Maybe tile is what was used in your home growing up so you are used to it. Maybe you like a particular style of bathroom tile. Maybe they are practical to install, or maybe you just like how easy they are to keep decently clean.

The biggest reason you should use bathroom shower tiles is the fact that they are waterproof. As you are well aware, the walls and floor of a shower get hit with water constantly. Because of this, it is important to choose a hard surface for your shower which is very waterproof. Tile is the perfect surface to fulfill this need! Not only is it waterproof, but tile also looks great. Tile comes in so many sizes, colors, shapes, and even textures, that you are bound to find a shower wall tile that will fit your style and add to the character of your home.

A reason that may be the most important to you about having bathroom shower tiles is the fact that they are easy to keep clean and take care of. If you are willing to put in the time every other week or so to scrub down your shower, the appearance of any mold or mildew will be very very unlikely. Though it is generally an easy but time-consuming task to clean your shower occasionally, we have commonly seen that life gets busy, and simple tasks such as cleaning the shower are simply not a priority. This happens, then before you know it, you start to notice your shower tile floor has become grimy and spots of mold have formed in the corner of your shower where the wall meets the floor.

The Importance of Having Your Shower Tiles Cleaned

It is important that you put forth the effort to keep your shower tiles cleaned to keep your bathroom free of potential problems that could be harmful to you or your family. If you never clean your shower, it is inevitable that you will run into problems with mold, mildew, and even bacteria. When grime builds up on your shower floor it can create a slippery surface that could become hazardous to someone stepping on the wet slippery surface. Shower waterfall tile or other textured shower wall tile and flooring can be very difficult to keep clean due to the fact that dirt and grime can easily cling to the tiny cracks between each tile. Even hard water that commonly forms in showers can be very frustrating and strenuous to clean if you let it build up.

If you start running into problems with your bathroom tile and you are serious about giving your shower a proper, thorough, and safe cleaning, Zerorez® has the best solution for you. Here at Zerorez Houston, we use green technology that protects your home, your family members, and the environment. Instead of using, soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals like many other cleaning companies, our patented cleaning system uses Zr™ Water. This water cleans more powerfully than soaps or chemicals! By using this green technology, we clean away the unwanted mold and mildew on your shower tile and grout all while creating the safest environment for you and your family. Let Zerorez make your life easier by scheduling an appointment with us to come and give your shower floor tiles and your shower wall tile and grout the proper cleaning they have been silently begging you for.


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