Environmentally Safe Green Carpet Cleaner

Call Zerorez today to get the the best and most affordable carpet cleaning available in the Las Vegas area. With Zerorez® cleaning your carpets you can expect your carpet to look unbelievably clean without residue! We are Las Vegas' premiere green carpet cleaner powered by water.

Different services that we offer here at Zerorez include general carpet cleaning, air ducts, hard surfaces, area rugs, upholstery, tile and grout, and pet odors. Lets face it, all of those who have pets love them, but are frustrated with how dirty they can get your floors in your home. Puppies and kittens who are yet to be potty trained are the main culprits for pet odors and stains in a home. With Zerorez to the rescue, you can rest assured knowing that all of your puppies or kitties accidents will be cleaned and deodorized like nothing ever happened. When you Zerorez your carpet to resolve pet odor problems, we will guarantee that the odors will be removed permanently. With our wonderful Zerorez green technology, your pets and children will stay safe! Our product does not use any harsh chemicals. We use Primacide B Zrā„¢ Water to thoroughly clean all of the dirt and grime away from your carpets.

If you are looking to rid your area or oriental rugs of dirt and debris, Zerorez can do so! We promise that your rug will be protected and our solution will not harm your rug. The dry time is much shorter with area rugs and the color will be restored after being cleaned! If you are ready to jump on board with Zerorez, you can book online to get the assistance you need!

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