The Facts About Pet Stains

It is no secret that "dogs are a man's best friend". Whether you have a dog, a cat, a bird, or any other animal, a cute fluffy comforting companion truly becomes an additional member of the family! No matter the pet, they all come with messes; some smellier than others. If you are concerned about pet stains and odors left behind by your furry friend, treatments by Zerorez®are the way to go!

Here at Zerorez, we know that biological issues can be a sensitive subject for many pet owners. Our technicians will know how to properly assess the situation so that they can properly serve each customer individually. You can enjoy your quality time with your pet without worrying about the smells or messes in your home.

Pet Stains Vs Normal Stains

Messes and spills are a regular part of living. It happens to everyone, not just pet owners! However, pet stains are much different than normal stains. Bodily fluids and contaminants such as urine, feces, blood, and vomit need to be treated differently than wine or oil stains. Whether you are concerned about odor, stains, or health concerns, we have the best pet treatment for you!


The most common pet stain is urine, and it is also the most potent. After the moisture in urine has evaporated, it leaves behind alkaline salt crystals on the ground. The salt crystals then react with the moisture in the air, causing rapid growth of unpleasant odor and bacteria. Killing the bacteria is a common way to treat pet stains, but it often is not enough, because the food source for bacteria - pet urine - never gets properly removed. These crystals can be deeply embedded into the fibers of your carpet, making them difficult to remove. These crystals need to be removed professionally, otherwise, the scent will linger for years.


Urobilin, an element found in the urine, causes the yellow color. Pet urine can penetrate the carpet fibers and discolor or stain your carpet.

Health Concerns

Additionally, the warm acidic nature of pet urine on the carpet is a breeding ground for many biological contaminants. When it comes to pet stains, Zerorez technicians are professionally trained to treat odor and discoloration, as well as address health concerns.

Pet Stain Removal Process with Zerorez

Because all stains are so different, be careful attempting to clean pet stains and odors yourself. Harmful chemicals and cleaning agents with the wrong pH levels can make stains and odors worse. Not all pet stain treatments are safe and can leave behind harmful residue. Correct cleaners and methods are key to removing pet contaminations.

Unlike traditional carpet cleaners and pet stain treatments, the Zerorez pet odor and urine treatment is not an enzyme treatment. We eliminate odors through encapsulating, masking, and bonding. Whether urine penetration is mild to severe, we have pet treatment for you! Zerorez has two main options for cleaning and odor removal.

Topical Treatment

Topical treatment is applied with Zerorez Odor and Urine Treatment ™. Our topical treatment deodorizes and applies encapsulators to the carpet. For mild contamination cases, this may be all that is needed.

Sub-Floor Extraction

A Sub-Floor Extraction method may be necessary if contamination is deeper below the surface. This treatment breaks down the salt ammonia and urea crystals left from the urine.

Safe Cleaning

Once treatment has been done, we will clean your carpet as usual with Zerorez' Zr™ Water. Zr™ Water is water that has been oxidized and electrolyzed to create a powerful cleaning solution. This is applied with a low-pressure spray to loosen deeply embedded grime and dirt particles. The best part? It leaves behind Zero Residue®! Make an appointment with Zerorez near you to get started!


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