Flooring Trends To Watch in 2017

One of the most valuable assets to the look and feel of our homes is current flooring. Flooring trends do not change as often as other home decor trends, which makes it even more important. When we select our floors, we want a modern and up-to-date floor, but we also want a floor that will fit well with our lifestyle and will still be the right choice 10 or 15 years from now.

Home flooring trends are often affected by technology. The basic flooring styles are staples in the home. However, advanced technology makes it possible for homeowners to get the flooring they want in a variety of materials that are easy to clean and maintain. A perfect example of that is the growth and interest in carpet tiles. While there is little change in the look of carpet for this year, the trend of using carpet tiles to achieve the carpeted areas is a technological game changer.

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles come in a huge variety of colors, textures, and patterns. This new trend provides people with the versatility to customize each room of their home. You can carpet just one area of your home or carpet the entire room. You can go with traditional looks or design your own carpet tiles. The fear of a spot or stain is removed because you can easily replace a single carpet tile without the hassle of trying to clean, cover, or patch a section of a large rug or carpet. If you do not want to install carpet through your entire house, then carpet tiles are a good option to customize select rooms or areas of your home.

Wood-Look Flooring

2017 is all about wood-look flooring. Wood flooring is a basic floor covering that will always be popular. With technology making wood-look flooring available in tile, vinyl, and laminate floors, we have the best of both worlds. We get the beauty and style of wood, with the convenience and durability of modern flooring.

What to look for this year:

- Wide planks are hot for home flooring, and we expect that trend is here for a while.

  • Wide planks will be even more popular with fewer seams
  • Distressed planks will create a rustic look that is current and popular
  • A wide variety of wood-look choices make this popular throughout the house

- Barn board

  • Staying with the rustic home style that is dominating the home decor industry, you will see the barn board showing up in more family rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

- Blonde wood-look

  • Blonde wood is beautiful, and with the new materials allowing us to get the look of blonde wood without the expense and difficulty in installing it, blond wood-look flooring is going to be big in 2017.

- Gray floors - Hardwood

  • It was popular in 2016, and it is not slowing down. Look for gray flooring in homes everywhere. It is clean and chic, goes with everything, and if you choose quality flooring, you can expect it to last for years.

- Geometric patterns

  • Chevron, Herringbone, parquet floors are big this year. No, we are not talking about the tired, parquet floors of the 1970's. This year you will see ultra-chic geometric patterns in finer homes everywhere. While this trend will not appeal to everyone, interior designers know using color and patterns allows a homeowner to express their own personal taste.


2017 will lean toward darker colors. Espresso (dark brown to almost black) will be the rage. Low sheen floors with understated charm are the call of the day. Grays, browns and deep shades are the colors to look for, but there is an extreme flip to this.

Dark colors make rooms look smaller. They also show soil more easily, so while there will be people hugging tight to this spectrum, you will also see a swing far to the other side with homeowners jumping to white.

Again, keeping with the low sheen look of the year, we are not talking about stark surgical white, but soft white with tones of grays will be popular for homes that are not flattered by the dark trends.

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