Forbidden Desert

Forbidden DesertIt’s Tuesday, the day most of us are really getting into the groove for the week, and mid-way through the afternoon you see this blog post, which will remind you that you have to plan a date for Friday or Saturday. What to do?

Well, after you get your carpet cleaned, drop the kids off at the babysitters house and run out and get a fun new game! Order a pizza and sit down and enjoy Forbidden Desert by Gamewright. We bought it a couple weeks ago and had a fun double date with my brother and sister-in-law. Unlike most games, in which you are competing against the other players (which, when you play with me, can get pretty… competitive…), in Forbidden Desert, you are playing with the other players to try and beat the game.

The story of the game is that you are a group of people that crash land in a desert somewhere, near a hidden city. In the area there are parts to a flying ship that you have to find in order to escape. The tricky part is that you don’t know where the items are, and they move around the board as a giant sandstorm blows the board around and buries things under sand. You also, as a player, have to watch out for the sun beating down on you and dehydrating your character.

Each player gets a different character, each character has special abilities. I was “the Explorer,” and was able to move diagonally across the board, unlike the other players. It is important to talk to your team because you all have different abilities which, when you work together, help to conquer the board.

We were able to win on our first try, though we did play on the “novice” level. There are several levels in the game as well, and that, I’m sure, will make it a little more difficult to play. Another fun part about the game is that it gets progressively harder, so you want to be quick about it!

Here is the official video teaser about the game:


Expect to pay $25-$35 for the game. It says for ages 10 and up, and 2-5 players. We found it at Toy Town (great store!) at Ustick and Eagle Rd. It is available online, and on Amazon as well. Enjoy!


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