Freshen up Your Home for Fall

Move over Summer, Fall is fast approaching! We're sure this season will bring cooler weather, brightly colored leaves, and the potential for some unwanted back to school sicknesses-- Ick! So while we're sure your little ones are excited to get back into the classroom, this season can also bring with it some serious germs and bacteria. We want to ensure your family stays happy and healthy as you take on another school year. Make time to ensure these areas of your home are cleaned professionally and within the recommended timeline!

Areas to REFRESH this Fall:

Carpets are notorious for showing unwanted spots and stains, but did you know they also house bacteria and germs below the surface? These are invisible to the naked eye, but can still create a wide range of allergies, sickness, and even stomach viruses within your home.

In fact, without a professional cleaning, your carpets can house up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch. This includes a wide range of bacteria strands such as e-Coli, Staph, and ones that lead to cold and flu symptoms.

If left untreated, this bacteria becomes embedded into your family's carpet and can circulate around your home. Additionally, households with furry friends should take extra precautions to ensure possible dander, shed skin, or even accidental bathroom trips do not become embedded into one's carpet.

Recommend timeline for a clean home:

Once a year-- Recommended for families who do not own pets or residents who suffer from dust-related allergies.
Every 6-9 months-- Recommended for families who house a furry friend(s) and have residents who suffer from dust-related or seasonal allergies.

Some homeowners assume tile and grout eliminates the possibility of embedded dirt and dust, like carpet. However, clean tile and grout are just as important, as dust, bacteria, and germs can still build up between the lines of your grout. This not only darkens the appearance of your flooring, but creates a breeding ground for additional germs to tack onto.

Recommend timeline for a clean home:
1-2 times a year to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Our Promise:
The Zerorez® patented cleaning process is completely safe for you and your entire family. We rely simply on electrolyzed water, or Zrā„¢ Water, to provide you with the deepest clean for your home.

We stay clear of harsh soaps and detergents and use less water than traditional cleaning methods. Our services are prompt, efficient, and performed by highly trained technicians. From carpets to tile, at Zerorez, we leave nothing but clean.

Did we mention Zerorez is Platinum Winner for 2019?!  Thank you to all our fans in the community who voted for us!
Did we mention Zerorez is Platinum Winner for 2019?! Thank you to all our fans in the community who voted for us!

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