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If you have a carpet, do you know what is lurking in between the fibers? The facts could shock you, especially if you don't get your carpets cleaned twice a year. There are many gross things that we can remove from your carpet, and if you have dogs, there are more hidden creepy crawlers than you may think! Keep reading to learn more.

Our Las Vegas carpet cleaning services ensure that your family will stay safe from the nasty things that a carpet can hide. In fact, did you know that your carpet can hold on to the stomach flu virus for days at a time? With that nasty bacteria on your carpet, do you even want to know what else is in there? There have been bed bugs we have extracted from our customers' carpet, as well as pet urine and feces -no one wants to hear that any of these things were found in their carpet.

Let's get down to business. If you are positive that you need to get your carpets cleaned by your local professionals, Zerorez, it's time for you to set up an appointment. Our business is known to have a green carpet cleaner that you can trust. We use a carpet cleaner that has zero harsh chemicals, detergents and soaps, and will leave your carpets smelling and looking brand new. We invite you to learn how we can clean your carpets like no one else in the business. Make an appointment with our company today and get those carpets cleaned like never before.

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