Get the Facts Right About Carpets

When was the last time you sat and thought about your carpet? The carpet you walk on everyday, the carpet you roll around on with your kids when they're learning how to crawl, the carpet that you enjoy playing tug-o-war on with your dog. Take a second to stop and think about all of those moments, and then think back to the last time you had your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning crew in Las Vegas.

Now, with the last time you had your carpets cleaned on your mind, we want to give you some facts about carpets that you may be unaware of, but beware- some are more shocking than others.

  1. Did you know that the stomach flu can live in your carpet? In fact, it can live in your carpet for up to a month at a time! This means, your carpet could be much dirtier than you think.

  2. Trying to be a little more health conscious? Consider this, a 150 pound person who vacuums their carpet a little more often for 30 minutes each time can burn up to 125 calories!

  3. Tired of a dull carpet? Sprinkle a little salt on your carpet and then let it sit for an hour! Once it's done sitting, vacuum it up and see how bright your carpet is afterwards!

  4. You carpet can be awfully dirty. By dirty, we mean covered with dust that's made up of dried skin flakes. In fact, the average person loses up to 1.5 million skin flakes per hour! Maybe you should consider vacuuming on an every other day basis with this in the back of your mind.

Don't go anywhere just yet, we still have more crazy facts that you may be unaware of when it comes to your carpet. If you're ready to have our carpet cleaning company come into your home in Las Vegas, make an appointment online now!

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