Get Your Home Ready With Carpet Steam Cleaning

carpet steam cleaning henderson nvIf your carpeting is looking dirty and worn, carpet steam cleaning can make it look, smell and feel like new in just a matter of hours. Choosing a great carpet cleaning company, like Zerorez®, is the first step; the second step is getting your home ready for carpet cleaning day. Though your carpet cleaners will do the majority of the work, there are still a number of things you can do to make the process smoother and faster:

1 - Move Your Furniture

Your carpet may just be dirty in high-traffic areas where there is no furniture; but to ensure that it is uniformly cleaned, it's a good idea to move as much of the furniture as you can before steam cleaning so that the whole carpet can be cleaned. This not only makes carpet cleaning easier, it also ensures that your furniture isn't damaged by water, cleaning solutions or heavy equipment.

2 - Vacuum Your Carpeting

Though many carpet cleaning services will vacuum your carpet first before steam cleaning to ensure that loose dirt and debris are removed, some do not. That's why it's a good idea for you to vacuum the areas of your home that will be steam-cleaned on the day of your appointment.

3 - Clean Your Baseboards

Baseboard cleaning isn't critical to preparing for carpet cleaning; however, baseboards and HVAC registers near the floor can be dirty or dusty and they can deposit that dirt and dust right on your freshly-cleaned carpeting.

4 - Move Your Small Or Fragile Items

Even if you don't want to move heavy furniture items, it's a good idea to move glassware, decorations and smaller, more fragile pieces of furniture that can be damaged by cleaning equipment. You should also move children's toys and other small items that can get in the way.

5 - Leave A Parking Space Open

If you have a driveway, park your vehicles on the street on the day of your carpet steam cleaning in Henderson, NV. Your carpet cleaning company will likely have a van with cleaning equipment in it that is bulky and parking closer to your front door will be more convenient for them.

To get the highest-quality carpet steam cleaning in Henderson, NV, call us at Zerorez at (702) 567-0016. At Zerorez, our patented carpet cleaning technology redefines how carpets are cleaned because it is green, organic and safe for you, your family and your pets. Visit us online at to learn more and to read testimonials from some of our clients.

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