Getting Carpet Stains Out

What to Do When Chloe the Cat Misses the Litter Box (Accidentally or Because She's Punishing You)

Cat people love our cats. We buy them toys, cat trees, treats. We pay extra for the best pet care when we go on vacation, and feed them the best food. We fill our Instagram feed with pictures of our cats doing cute and funny things, and we love how they purr and cuddle with us. As much as we love them, and how much they love us, sooner or later, you're going to need to know how to get rid of carpet odor from pets, what the best pet odor eliminator on the market is, and maybe even how to clean a couch cat pee. When it comes to getting carpet stains out from pets, you're your own best carpet pet odor remover and pet odor eliminator - when you follow these simple steps.

A Little Backstory: Why Does Cat Pee Smell So Bad?

Cat urine contains bacteria that, as it gets old, begins to smell like ammonia. Also, the older the cat, the smellier the pee, and unneutered male cats have the worst pee of all, with the added hormones it carries. When a cat urinates outside the litter box that contains odor-fighting litter, the bacteria breaks down and releases the awful-smelling compound mercaptan; a gas that is found in skunk spray. The smell gets worse as it gets older and, worse still when it warms up. This chemical process is why it's so important to clean up an accident (or on purpose) as soon as you find it. Time is not on your side!

Your Best Tool for Carpet Cleaning Pet Stains and Odor: A Shop Vac

When cat pee is what's on and in your carpet (the more pee there is, the deeper into the carpet, and padding, and even possibly flooring it can wind up), you have no time to spare. Watch this brief video to see what's really going on when your furry friend pees outside her litter box. You want to remove as much of the urine as you can as quickly as possible. Your first line of defense for cleaning carpet stains home remedies is a shop vac. The strong suction of a shop vac will go deep into the pile and padding to pull out the moisture of the urine before it has a chance to set. You'll have to be sure to wash out the receptacle of the shop vac, including the hose, but a little elbow grease with your shop vac - as quickly as you can after the accident happens - will save you a lot of long-term hassle in eliminating pet odors from your carpet. Will carpet cleaning remove stains when using only the shop vac? Probably not, but it will keep the stain from causing the worst kinds of damage and should be the first item of your pet odor remover for carpet checklist.

Next for How to Get Rid of Carpet Stains "Cat Pee Edition": Blotting

The second best carpet stains home remedy, especially when Chloe the Cat is to blame and you don't have a shop vac handy, is to catch it early and blot the liquid out as quickly as possible. Blot with a white towel or cloth from the outside of the stain in, using a clean, dry section each time you press into the carpet. Do not rub the spot-it will damage the fibers and only drive the urine deeper into the carpet. Remember: the faster you catch Chloe's pee, the less likely you will be to get stuck with a stain and smell.

The Most Important Step, the Ultimate Pet Odor Eliminator

Do not use soap and water before you use Zerorez's BioTreatment (the definitive answer to how to remove odors from carpet). Urine contains enzymes that our pet stain and odor removal treatment needs to interact with to get rid of the smell. Soap and water deactivates the enzymes.

This specialized enzyme deodorizer is your go-to carpet pet odor remover as well as stains. Formulated by Zerorez® to treat pet stains and other odors in the home, the bacteria-based formula neutralizes urine, feces, vomit, drool, blood, and other organic material. Allow our Biological Treatment solution to soak into the spot to give the enzymes a chance to work, and continue to treat the area until the urine is gone.

This will also prevent Chloe the cat from returning to mark the spot again. Zerorez's pet stain and odor treatment and is safe to use around animals and children, and is safe on synthetic carpets and other floor surfaces.

Don't forget to throw blankets, pet beds, and everything washable in the washing machine with some baking soda (a great pet odor eliminator for soft surfaces). If you can still smell pee after you've run it through the wash, run it again with some of Zerorez's BioTreament to eliminate the odor.

There are several possible reasons why your cat is going outside the litter box; some could be medical, others behavioral. You will need to do a little research to determine why it's happening and consult your veterinarian to stop it. But to make sure you're treating the spots and preventing them from repeating the behavior (or just getting carpet stains out), for the best results in carpet cleaning pet stains and odor, contact Zerorez.


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