Getting The Best Carpet Cleaning Help For Your Small Business

If you own or manage a small business in southeastern Nevada, you should know that to keep it looking good, you need the best carpet cleaning company and the best is Zerorez®. While you may think that professional carpet cleaning isn't in your budget, think about how important the cleanliness of your business is to you, your employees and your customers. A dirty, smelly office sends a message and that message is that you don't care about your employees or your customers enough to keep your carpets clean and refreshed. Because you're trying to run a business, you shouldn't have to try to clean your own carpets; you should concentrate on what you do best and leave carpet cleaning to the pros. Here's why:

Cleaning Office Carpeting Is Hard Work

Deep cleaning your office carpeting yourself means going to the grocery store, renting an extremely heavy machine (and buying shampoo) and then carrying it back to your office. Compared to what comes next, toting the heavy machinery is a walk in the park. You also have to pick up and move every desk, chair, filing cabinet and storage locker that sits on the carpeting; and, once you've filled the carpet cleaner with clean water, pre-sprayed, agitated and extracted the water from your carpeting, then emptied the dirty water from the machine, you'll have to return the unit back to the store. And, of course, you'll have to move all of your furniture and equipment back onto the carpet once it's dry.

Rented Carpet Cleaning Machines Can Do More Harm Than Good

The biggest problem with rented carpet cleaning machines is over-wetting. Over-wetting your office carpeting can lead to a host of things that include increased carpet drying time, mold growth and browning or yellowing of carpeting - which is the opposite of the look you want from a clean carpet. Another big problem with DIY carpet cleaning machines is that it's difficult to regulate the heating of the water inside them. Water that's too hot being forced into carpeting can cause the backing to break down, which can cause the carpeting to wrinkle. Not only will a professional carpet cleaner give you the best carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, he'll also groom your carpeting after cleaning to raise the fibers and to eliminate any worn-looking sections.

The Pros Have All The Right Equipment To Do The Job Right

Simply put, there's no rental machine that can compare to the machinery a pro brings to the job. At Zerorez®, we use powerful technology that not only forces water deep into your carpeting but also suctions it back out again to decrease drying times. Rental machines require the use of detergents that contain chemicals, the residue of which can remain in your carpeting for a long time. This residual detergent acts like a sponge that attracts and collects more dirt, which means your carpeting will look bad again pretty quickly. The best professional carpet cleaners, like Zerorez, use cleaning solutions that leave no residue on your carpeting.

No matter what size your business is, clean surroundings, especially a clean carpet, are important to employee morale and customer satisfaction. For the best carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV and all of southeastern Nevada, call us at Zerorez at (702) 567-0016 or visit us online at

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