Getting The Best Carpet Cleaning Services And Why Carpeting Matters

If you are setting up a business that will have office space, one of the choices you're going to have to make is flooring; and as one of the premier carpet cleaning services, we at Zerorez can tell you that carpeting is the best choice for your business. You may think that carpeting is more expensive and harder to maintain - and while those concerns are valid ones, you'll find that, in the long run, the pros will far outweigh the cons of choosing carpeting for your office. Here are some of the pros you should consider:

Carpeting Reduces Office Noise

No matter what type of office carpeting you choose, the main benefit you will see - or hear - right away is a reduction in office noise. When you choose a sturdy carpet with good-quality padding, you won't hear people walking around, chairs rolling across the floor or any of the other noises associated with hard flooring. Carpeting can also help to absorb the ambient noises in an office like human voices and the sound of machinery. Another benefit of carpeting that many business owners don't think about is that it can act as a sound barrier between floors in a building, thus blocking sound transmission to workspaces below.

Carpeting Provides Cushioning

Not only does office carpeting reduce the likelihood of slips and falls, it also acts as a cushion in the event that an employee or customer takes a spill in your office. This is especially important in offices that provide services for children, the elderly or the disabled.

Carpeting Creates An Inviting Atmosphere

There's no doubt that vinyl or laminate flooring is colder and more sterile than carpeting; this is true in homes and in offices. Carpeting creates a more comfortable environment for your employees and customers and gives the space a warmer overall feeling. In winter time, it also provides thermal resistance that will help your office retain warmth.

Carpeting Emits Lower VOCs

Of all the types of flooring you can install in your office, carpeting is the lowest emitter of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. VOCs are emitted as gases from a variety of sources that includes flooring, furnishings and other building materials. The health effects of VOCs include eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, nausea, damage to liver, kidneys, central nervous system and the development of certain types of cancer.

Carpeting Is Easy To Maintain

Along with daily vacuuming to remove dirt and other abrasives, the use of periodic professional carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV, like ours at Zerorez, can keep your carpeting looking great for a long time.

Install carpeting in your office and find out what a difference it can make. To keep your new carpeting clean and refreshed, call us at Zerorez carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV at (702) 567-0016 or visit us online at

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