Handling Upholstery Stains

That's a beautiful couch you have there. Have you ever had it cleaned before? I have one of my own, and I recently cleaned it for the first time in over twenty years, which is far too long to wait, but it is amazing how clean it feels now! Whether your sofa is only two years old or twenty-five years young, getting it cleaned is always a healthy choice.

But how? First, check the tag. About ninety-five percent of the upholstery you'll find is made of polyester, which is totally safe to clean with water and a natural home cleaner. However, be careful if the tag mentions cotton, which can shrink and turn brown if it gets too wet. But more than anything, beware the "S," which stands for "Solvent Clean Only." If you see that, your only safe recourse is to call the manufacturer and follow their instructions. Better safe than sorry.

If it's polyester, or if it has no tag, then worry not, because you can have your trusty Zerorez® technicians of Indianapolis for that upholstery cleaning! If there's no tag, the technician will do a test clean to make sure everything will go smoothly, and if so, then clean it will be! You see, most upholstery stains are caused by acid dyes found in foods, markers and other unsavory fluids. These penetrate the fibers and can become permanent. Zerorez technicians, however, have a very effective upholstery cleaning process for confronting these challenges, and this month, we're offering this service for 15% off!

But before I go further, you must be aware of a specific type of furniture called "microfiber," which tends to be very comfortable and oil-resistant. However, they are prone to permanent water-staining, so if it ever gets wet, you want to get it dry as quickly as possible, just like your upholstery cleaning technician would do.

After the cleaning, there's a final step that's highly recommended: fiber protector. The upholstery protector offered by the technician is the same kind the item originally had before wearing off (a process that usually takes 2-3 years), and it helps protect your couch from both oil- and water-based dyes so you don't end up with those unsightly permanent stains. And guess what: that's 15% off until the end of December as well!

So if you want that couch brought back to its former glory, or if you just want it cleaned, then track down the most effective upholstery cleaning specialist in Indianapolis! Stay clean, Indy.



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