Holy Grout, I Don’t Believe It!

I love a clean house, I really do. I pick up, wipe up and vacuum up. I knew I needed to clean my carpet on a regular basis, especially with four children running around on it. Fourteen years ago I decided to try a new company called Zerorez®. They claimed to leave No Residue®. I don't like nasty chemicals and had a bad experience with another carpet cleaner that left my carpet crunchy, smelling like wet dog and it stayed wet for several days.

The Zerorez guys came in and were polite and friendly. I especially liked that they explained their cleaning process so I could see why they are different. They told me about their Zr™ Water that has no soap or chemicals. It's put through a softener and then turned into alkaline water. I have heard about the cleaning benefits of Alkaline shampoo. It made sense to me that alkaline water would attract the dirt. They also said their water was very hot and was extracted quickly with powerful suction so that the carpet backing didn't even get wet. I like that because the carpet would dry quickly and I wouldn't have the wet dog smell for days.

I also liked that the technician asked me to walk him through my house and tell him all the areas I wanted to have cleaned. He then gave me the total price to approve before he started. I really appreciated that I knew up front the cost and was not going to have added surprise costs tacked on at the end of the service.

The technician saw the tile in my bathroom and asked me if he could demonstrate Zerorez tile cleaning on a small area. I loved the carpet results so I figured I had nothing to lose to see the demonstration. As he cleaned a small area of tile and grout I was amazed and embarrassed. I had no idea my tile was so filthy. He pointed out the color difference in the grout from the area under the cabinet that had no traffic to the area that I stood on every day. They were two completely different colors! I couldn't let him leave without completely cleaning all of the tile. I was blown away with the results. The final process was re-sealing my grout to help keep it clean longer. This was a hand process that the technician painstakingly did very carefully.

Within a couple of hours my house was clean. My tile was restored to like new condition and my carpet came back to life. No crunchy feel. It actually felt fluffy and soft and smelled fresh, no chemical smell. I became a Zerorez customer for life and a raving fan. I couldn't wait to tell my friends and invite them over to see my tile and feel my carpet.

When the opportunity came to buy a business my husband and I decided to buy a Zerorez franchise. We have now owned and operated the business in San Diego and the Bay Area for fourteen years. We have grown from two trucks to twenty-four trucks and have thousands of loyal, happy customers. I continue to love the day when Zerorez comes and cleans my carpet and tile. I love knowing my company brings great service and the best cleaning system into every customer's home.

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