House Cleaning Tips that will Amplify your Cleaning Routine

A clean home is a happy home. There is no better feeling than to be living in a space that is free of dust and germs, is well organized, and is pleasing to look at. When the carpet becomes dirty and dark, when your upholstered furniture loses its soft feeling, and when you feel crumbs between your toes when you step onto the floor with bare feet, it is time to make some changes to your cleaning routine. It is hard to relax and feel comfortable when your house is a mess. It's almost as if when your house is a mess, your life feels out of control. Today we are going to share with you some helpful house cleaning tips that will help you get in control of your home and amplify your cleaning routine.

Try this!

The Living Room

  • Vacuum regularly to keep dirt and crumbs under control, especially after a large gathering, game night, or movie night that involves popcorn and other treats. Vacuuming regularly or directly after noticing crumbs will also help keep them from spreading to other rooms of the house.
  • Spend time each day tidying up to keep the room looking welcoming to family members and guests.
  • Vacuum the couches! Couches and furniture are likely the things in your living areas that are used the most. They will collect the most dust, dirt, and popcorn crumbs. They need as much attention from the vacuum as your floors get.
  • If your upholstery or carpets have taken a downhill turn, make sure to call our Zerorez® team and set up a time for them to come out and give your surfaces that much needed professional upholstery or carpet cleaning before it's too late and they need replacing.
  • Don't vacuum and then dust after! If you vacuum and then dust, you will be giving yourself more work because dust will, of course, fly around as you dust creating the need for another round of vacuuming.
  • Don't shove things into the closet or push them under the sofa. Just do it right the first time.


  • Wash and change your bedsheets weekly. Sleeping in that bed every night causes buildup to occur. Use the hottest water temperature the sheet's fabric will allow you to help disinfect and remove all buildup.
  • Don't skip the pillowcases. If you don't have enough time to wash all the sheets every week, at least wash pillowcases to prevent getting breakouts.
  • If the carpet in your bedrooms is looking a little dull from the crumbs of midnight snacks and flattened by foot traffic, the Zerorez carpet cleaning process will bring them back to life. Plus, our cleaning process is safe for kids and pets.


  • Do the dishes directly after every meal. When you do the dishes right away, they are 10 times easier to clean, plus you are free of the stress that comes with chores and to-do lists piling up.
  • Don't let spills sit and get sticky! Clean them up right away.
  • If your tile or wood floors seem to never restore their shine no matter how much mopping you do, call and set up a time for our Zerorez team to come and assess how we can give your floors a new life.


  • Read the labels before cleaning the surfaces of your bathroom with household products. When using household cleaners, especially disinfectants, the label will tell you how long it needs to sit on the surface in order to work properly.
  • Let the professionals remove buildup left behind by cleaning products. Though household cleaners will clean quite well, they do so in exchange for leaving behind a residue that over time builds up and makes the tile in your bathroom look gross. Our tile and grout cleaning service is perfect for not only removing the buildup of cleaning products but also sealing everything and protecting against future buildup.


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