Houston’s Downtown Aquarium

The Downtown Aquarium in Houston Texas is an exquisite underwater adventure for families of all ages. In this single location, you can check out aquarium adventure exhibits, play carnival games, ride amusement rides, enjoy underwater dining, join in on the fun and learning, or host a majestic birthday party, banquet, or meeting.


There are eight different exhibits to explore at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston, TX. Get an up-close experience with stingrays by visiting the Stingray Reef exhibit where you can touch and feed these elegant underwater creatures. The Texas Bayou exhibit invites you to discover turtles, alligators, bullfrogs and more in the marsh and bayous of the Gulf Coast. If you've ever wanted to board a 17th-century Spanish galleon, now is your chance, but this one is shipwrecked! Climb aboard the Shipwreck exhibit to discover beautifully diverse fish, living coral reefs, clownfish, tangs, groupers, a giant pacific octopus, and a moray eel. In the Rainforest exhibit, you will discover an emerald tree boa, colorful rainforest frogs, and beautiful birds outside the water. In the water of this exhibit, you will spot dangerous creatures such as venomous freshwater stingrays and red-bellied piranhas. To get up close and hands-on with our bearded dragons, snakes, and colorful fish, make sure to stop by our Discovery Zone exhibit. In this exhibit, you can also explore the oceans to view coral and sea turtles. Our Underwater Rig exhibit is home to marine life including snappers, redfish, and much more. To see our unique sunken temple from the ancient legends of El Dorado, step into our Sunken Temple exhibit! In this underwater structure, you will run into lionfish, pufferfish, electric eels, tarantulas, and a Tiger Reticulated Python that is over 20 feet long. Even White Tigers from India will soon be on exhibit in the backyard of Houston Texas in the new White Tigers of the maharaja's Temple exhibit the Downtown Aquarium.

Carnival Games and Amusement Rides

An aquarium and an amusement park all in one? That's right! One of the things that makes this a popular family fun location in Houston Texas is the fact that there is so much to do in one place. After checking out all of the fascinating and adventurous exhibits, and get a bite to eat in the dining area, you must get out into the fresh air and hop on a few rides. Here is a list of the ride options here at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston.

  • Shark Voyage: a train ride through a 200,000-gallon tank to view lots of different shark species up close.

  • Lighthouse Dive: an exhilarating ride that lifts you up then drops you back down 65 feet.

  • Diving Bell Ferris Wheel: a Ferris wheel that takes you up 100 feet into the air up to the most fantastic view of downtown Houston.

  • Aquatic Carousel: take your pick of an aquatic creature and enjoy the up and down, around and around!

  • Frog Hopper: a ride that bounces up and down from 22 feet in the air.

  • Aqua Wheel: a smaller Ferris wheel for children.

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