How Commercial Cleaning Services from Zerorez Can Boost Your Business

A big part of overall business success is making sure that your building shines throughout. This starts with a clean environment for presentation and a workplace that allows for proper function and production among employees. Keeping things clean can be overwhelming, especially when you have a warehouse or manufacturing area that generates a great deal of dust and debris. Having a clean work environment and showroom is welcoming to customers and can help boost your overall business sales. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider choosing Zerorez® to help with your commercial cleaning needs.

Dust Control

One of the biggest issues with many commercial businesses is dust accumulation. Dust production caused from machines and other manufacturing equipment can cause dust to become airborne and spread throughout the entire building. Calling the pros at Zerorez® to come out and evaluate your overall cleaning needs can help keep dirt at bay. One way they can control dust is by having the air ducts cleaned throughout the building's HVAC system. Air duct cleaning not only removes dust from inside of the duct work, using Zr Clean™️ technology creates a protective barrier that helps to keep dust at bay in the future. Controlling airborne particles helps to reduce discoloration on walls and furniture. This makes every day cleaning easier.

Improved Air Quality

If the air quality within your building is poor, it can make employees and guests with breathing issues and allergies suffer. Making sure that the air quality is good starts with purifying the air and ridding it of harmful irritants and contaminants. Zerorez® uses an air purification system that is listed as a class II medical device by the FDA. It targets harmful VOCs that would otherwise linger in the air that you breathe. Cleaner air will make a healthier environment for everyone.

No Stain Reoccurrence

Many times, traditional commercial cleaning methods can appear to tackle tough stains on carpet and furniture only to have them reappear a few weeks later. This is mainly due to the chemical residue left behind in the shampoo or cleaning solution. Zerorez® uses Zr Clean™️ technology that is a green-based cleaning solution. The solution penetrates within carpet and upholstery fibers to target tough, stubborn stains. It's then extracted to remove the dirt and leave behind a clean, dry surface on carpet, wood, upholstery and grout. Using theZr Clean™️ cleaning solution reduces the chances of stains coming back. The result is a clean showroom and office space that lasts.

Like-New Appearance

If it's been quite a while since the carpeting or tile flooring in your building has seen better days, consider a professional cleaning from Zerorez®. A Zerorez® professional will be able to restore the appearance to your tile, grout, carpet, furniture and concrete flooring so it looks like it was just installed. This helps to create a like-new appearance that prevents you from having to replace all of your carpet and flooring if you're battling existing stains and discoloration.

The result of having clean surface areas helps to enhance and improve the overall presentation of your Atlanta business. The result is a comfortable and attractive appearance that invites both employees and guests.

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