How Does Zerorez Tile Cleaning Compare to Other Tile Cleaning Companies?

First off, Zerorez® is awesome. So our expert tile and grout cleaning abilities don't actually compare to other companies.

How is this?

Many reasons actually. The first being out Zr Water® technology, the second being our patent-pending wand.

Let these photos show you how your tile and grout will look after Zerorez® cleans it.

What makes the Zerorez®Tile and Grout cleaning Different?

Mopping your floor surface with traditional tile cleaning products is just no bueno my friends.

This spreads soil around your floor surface, removing only what sticks to your mop. Over time the soil that is left behind, mixed with the water and soaps, darkens your tile and grout!

In addition, our patent-pending process is specialized for this kind of thing! It is designed to completely wash your tile and grout with high pressured water, while simultaneously suctioning the water back up. This way your tile is not flooded, and there isn't a ton of water left behind!

Our tile cleaning services begin with our Zr Water® technology anyways! This is enhanced water that has been electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution that cleans like detergent, but is safe enough to drink!

But you shouldn't drink it still….

This makes it so we don't need to use harmful soaps or detergents to clean your tile and grout.

Those things only cause sticky residue. Which you are probably thinking, yeah, so what? But heres the thing.

If residue is left behind on the tile's surface, and in the grout, it means that your tile and grout get filthier faster. This is because it's sticky, and so it attracts and retains dirt and soil better!

You definitely want to avoid that. And how do you avoid that? With the Zerorez® tile and grout Sealer….

The Patented Zerorez® Grout Sealer

This is our deal breaker. This is why you can't and won't fall in love with any other cleaning company- our tile and grout sealer…

Grout is porous, which means that it easily absorbs spills, liquids, etc..

It is likely to cause permanent discolorations in the grout. To prevent this, sealing grout is certainly recommended!

Our grout sealer is one of the best products available! It protects against both oil and water-based stains and spills. Many sealers on the market do not protect against oil-based spills. And this is very important for areas like the kitchen, where oil is so common…

So of course thats just one reason why Zerorez® is different!

Our grout sealer can also provide UV protection. This protects the color in the grout so it won't fade, but still allows the grout to believe.

You may be wondering, why does that matter? Well, most sealers are topical sealers. They completely coat the surface of your tile and grout, but don't fill the pores.

This makes for a problem when it comes for cleaning and maintenance. And quite frankly, it just doesn't look very attractive either!

Penetrating sealers, like the one we use, are much better for the surface because they provide the protection without the negative side effects of using a topical sealer.

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