How Often Should You Clean a Fabric Couch?

While many households keep a routine practice of having their carpets professionally cleaned, many overlook another element in the home that can trap just as much dirt and bacteria: couches. Most people make much more contact with their fabric couches than their carpets.

Learn why professional cleaning for fabric couches is necessary and find out how often to schedule your cleanings.

Why Should I Have My Couch Professionally Cleaned?

From sinking onto the couch at the end of a long day at work to enjoying a snack or meal on comfortable furniture, the average household transfers dirt and spills onto their couches in numerous ways. While carpets will take on the dirt and debris from feet and shoes, couches are affected by crumbs and spills, body oils, pet hair and more—and they're rarely cleaned as much as carpets.

Having your fabric couch professionally cleaned can help cut down on allergens, dirt, and bacteria in your home. This helps create a healthier environment for your family. In addition, hiring trustworthy professionals like Zerorez® Northern Colorado to clean your fabric couch can help prolong the life of the furniture.

How Frequently You Should Clean Your Couches

In addition to vacuuming your fabric couches regularly and cleaning up any messes or spills as soon as they occur, it's also crucial to have them professionally cleaned. Your exact schedule for deep cleaning your fabric couches will depend on several factors. Color and use are two factors to help determine how often to have your couches cleaned.

If your couch is very light in color, such as a lighter shade of gray or blue or even a fun, vibrant color like yellow, you will likely need to schedule professional couch cleanings a bit more often. On the other hand, darker couches can keep a fresh appearance for a bit longer. However, it's equally important to clean dark furniture to reduce allergens and keep your home clean and healthy, even if it is not noticeably dirty.

Use is the other main factor that will help determine how often you need to have your couches professionally cleaned. For example, a fabric couch in a living room that only gets used when you have guests over will not need to be professionally cleaned. But a fabric couch you relax on each night, along with your kids or pets, will need more regular cleaning.

With this in mind, a good rule of thumb is to have your fabric couches professionally cleaned approximately every six months. Keep a regular cleaning schedule and select a trustworthy service provider for professional cleaning to keep your furniture looking vibrant and protect the health of your household.

Choosing Professionals for Couch Cleaning

The quality of your service and the cleanliness of your home will ultimately depend on the team you hire to complete your professional couch cleaning service. Zerorez Northern Colorado professionals are Experts in the Science of Clean™, utilizing a unique formula and process to clean deeply without using harsh or dangerous chemicals. Choose a smarter, longer-lasting clean. Book your appointment today!

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