How Often Should You Vacuum Carpet?

Vacuuming carpet is essential to lengthening the life of your floors and keeping your home healthy. Each time you vacuum the carpets and rugs in your home, you help remove unwanted dirt, dander, hair, and allergens. These nasties may be visible, but many times are not. Because you won't always be able to see the allergens, dander, and hair with your eyes, it is essential to remember these nasties are there and vacuum anyway.

The best vacuum habits you can create include vacuuming more than once a week. Carpet cleaning professionals recommend that you vacuum your carpets and rugs twice a week. Vacuuming carpet twice a week will ensure that you keep up on removing the unwanted particles hiding in your carpet fibers. But for areas of your floors that are tread on more frequently, you may want to consider vacuuming even more often. Vacuuming more often in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic is recommended because these areas will attract the most dirt, dander, and other nasties and require more attention.

Cleaner Carpets Brought to You by Zerorez Sacramento

Keeping up on vacuuming your carpet will be very helpful in extending the life of your carpet. But if you are really serious about extending the life of your carpet and creating the healthiest surface possible for your home, it's about time for you to check out the Zerorez carpet cleaning process.

At Zerorez, we are obsessed with clean, so when we clean, we leave nothing but clean. We get more dirt and grime out of your carpets than any other carpet cleaner in the industry.

We begin our cleaning process with an essential step - pre-treatment. Pre-treatment helps us to clean your carpet more efficiently. It eliminates unpleasant smells instead of merely masking them for a few hours or days. It also prepares the carpeted surface for the central cleaning done using our patented wand by loosening dirt and grime that have a good hold on your carpet fibers.

A big part of the effectiveness of our cleaning process that drives our high ratings is the use of our wand. Using our wand, we clean your carpet with our Zr™ Water solution.

Zr™ Water is the heart of our revolutionary cleaning technology. It is a revolutionary carpet cleaner that gives us the ability to clean without using high-residue soaps, detergents, shampoos, or chemicals. Zr™ Water is water that has been enhanced through a patented electrolysis process and oxidized to create a powerful, green cleaning solution.

The last step of our carpet cleaning process is drying the surface. Here at Zerorez Sacramento, we understand the importance of getting the moisture out of the carpet quickly. Because when moisture sits in the carpet for an extended period, it creates a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and multiply. To avoid this common carpet cleaning mistake, we have decreased our drying times to be up to 2 times faster than our competitors! You and your family will be back on your carpet and continuing your regular activities as fast as possible when you choose to clean with Zerorez.


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