How to Achieve a Minimalist Home

Home trends come and go, but we believe this one is here to stay. Clutter in our homes is a big contributor to stress in our daily lives, so learning how to declutter effectively can alleviate much of the unnecessary stress you may be feeling at home.

But what is a minimalist home?

Minimalist homes focus on being clean and simple. When you think minimalist, think intentional. In a minimalist home, everything that is displayed serves a purpose. Only the most essential items are out because they are frequently used and lend function to the space. Beyond that, there is not much left out because minimalist homes work to eliminate clutter and distraction. When your home is in disarray, it can feel overwhelming. The goal of a minimalist home is to help you be able to focus on your goals and only what is important to your daily life and goals.

Where to begin?

  • Start slow. Go room by room in order to achieve the minimalist look. Trying to tackle an entire house at once is a massive undertaking, and it can ultimately lead to burn out. You may get so overwhelmed by getting rid of clutter that you give up altogether. By turning it into small projects, you can make decluttering an easier task.

  • Take a look at your furniture. The easiest place to start is checking out the largest items in your home. Furniture is pretty glaring, considering that it takes up the most space in each room. The minimalist philosophy recommends using a neutral color palette to keep the space looking neat, and getting rid of unnecessary, bulky furniture to open up the space.

  • Clear your floors. Having things scattered or stacked on the floor in any room can instantly make it feel dirtier. Find a home for the things on your floors, or assess the value of the items. If they are not important to you, get rid of them! There is no need to hang onto things that do not serve you.

  • Declutter your storage. Odds are, if you are trying to find places to store things that have been left out, you will need to find more space in your usual storage areas of your home. It's time to face the things you have been holding onto that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Ditch the items that you no longer need in order to make room for what you do.

  • Focus on simplicity. Take the word minimal literally. Minimalism is all about the essentials. Instead of having tons of things hanging on your walls, opt for one or two neutral art pieces. Decor on your counters or other surfaces should also be limited to help the space feel larger and cleaner. Having pops of color is not against the rules, but having too many colors can be distracting. Adding flowers or a little splash of color to the decor can help add interest without making the space feel small or dirty.

Minimalist homes and home decor is actually simple. The hard part is letting go. Letting go of things you have been holding onto for years is difficult, but it's necessary in order to create an open, free space. Keeping your home clean in a minimal environment is much easier than having to clean a cluttered space, and it can help boost your productivity overall. Follow these tips to achieve the minimalist look you've been putting off.


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