How To Clean Different Kinds Of Area Rugs

Area Rug Cleaning Tricks

If you want to try and clean your area rug on your own, here are some tips on how to give it a good cleaning. First, you should check and see what the weather is for the week because you will need the next three days to be full of sunshine. Before you roll the rug up and take it outside, make sure to vacuum it well. Once outside with your rug, place it on a table or something of the sort to keep it up and off of the ground. Next, get the rug nice and wet by soaking it with water from a hose. Then begin to scrub the rug using dish soap and hot water. After scrubbing all sections of the area rug, rinse the rug until the water runs clear. This next step is where the sunshine comes into play! Hang your rug and let it dry for about three or four days before bringing it back into the house. And there you go, you are a DIY area rug cleaning expert. But is being a DIY expert good enough for your area rug? It may be good for a cleaning or two, but over time your rug will need a proper cleaning. Book an appointment with Zerorez today for a thorough cleaning that will last longer than anything you could do yourself!

Shag Rugs

Are you worried about how to give a good area rug cleaning to your shag rug? Shag rugs require more frequent and careful cleaning because of their delicate and long strands that are prone to catch even more dust and soot. Vacuuming directly over the top of a shag rug is advised against by most cleaning professionals, but here is a trick that might do you some good. Flip the rug over, face down, and vacuum its backside. Vacuuming the rug in this way will keep from breaking the rugs long fibers, keeping it protected while removing dirt that has been pushed deep down into your shag rug. Though this creative technique will be very helpful in keeping your shag rug less dusty, there is still a load of dirt and bacteria particles that you won't be able to reach on your own. That's where Zerorez area rug cleaning services come in play. Using our award-winning techniques will get more gunk out of your carpet and give you a cleaning that lasts longer.

Braided Rugs

Braided area rugs are a priceless treasure and full of stories. Even though you may have never spilled anything of your braided rug and vacuum it regularly, it still needs a proper area rug cleaning. For a large braided rug, place it on top of a blanket. Next, take a carpet cleaning foam and dab it across the surface of the rug. Then, rinse or vacuum the rug according to the directions on the bottle of carpet cleaner you chose to use. Place the rug out to dry and ensure all the moisture is out of the rug before arranging it back on your carpeted or wood floor. This technique is helpful to make the rug cleaner, but what you may not realize is that when you use a carpet cleaning foam, a residue from the soap is left behind that over time attracts over 200% more residue than Zerorez' Zr Water®.

What Makes Zerorez Different

Your area rug is most likely much dirtier than you think and is in need of a thorough area rug cleaning. These tips and tricks have all worked to the point that the rug looks cleaner after the initial cleaning, but are these really the best ways to take care of your rug? We are here to tell you that there is an even better way. With Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Sacramento, you'll never use soap to clean your carpets again. Instead of using soaps and harsh chemicals to clean your carpets like most carpet cleaning companies in Sacramento, we use an electrolyzed oxidative water! This Zr Water® is so powerful that is cleans better than soap, guaranteeing you and your family the most effective and safest area rug cleaning for the carpets in your home.

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